The Dublin House in Red Bank, N.J....

Hello, HO New Jersey! What can you tell me about The Dublin House Restaurant & Pub in Red Bank. Some friends want me to meet them out there for some casual fun and food. I understand they went thru a major renovation recently…

OMFG, just the worst Irish food ever. Which takes some doing, since there is a lot of bad Irish food out there. Shepard’s Pie tastes like it was confused with Sheep Dip.

The venue is cool, however, and they pour a lot of Guinness.


If you are looking for good pub grub in our Area I have heard really good things about the food at St. Stephens Green Publick House in Spring Lake. They have live entertainment too. I’ve been meaning to get down there to check them out, but if anyone else has been a report would be welcome.


Thanks, VK. One of the partners at The Dublin House owns a pub I frequent here in Westchester: Dunne’s in White Plains. I never really have high expectations when visiting an Irish tavern, but I have been surprised in the past. And the Corned Beef Reuben they serve at Dunne’s is one of my favorite indulgences…

Per your very specific requirement the Dublin House might fit the bill. The draw here is the bar(s) etc. it has long been the draw, not the food. If you are looking for casual fun AND food, with the food being secondary, then it’s fine. If you are looking for good food…this isn’t going to be your spot.

FYI If you want the best Reuben in the area(s) Kelly’s in Belmar/Neptune would be the place to go. In my opinion of course.

Irish Rail in Manasquan also has an awesome Rueben. The thing is huge, enough corned beef to feed a boatload of potato famine victims, and served open face.

Thanks! I will be adding these suggestions to my ‘Reuben Map’…

Back in March, we went to McDonagh’s Pub, in Keyport, for the first time. We were specifically there to try their fish and chips. Very good as was the Caesar salad we started with. Wide ranging menu including a bunch of different burgers and, of course, a Reuben. Based on the quality of what we had, I’ll bet everything’s good. McDonagh’s Pub Photo Set

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Yep. McDonaghs is good.

Visited Dunne’s Pub last night for their popular Wednesday Irish music ‘seisiun’ and a corned beef Reuben. Owner Sean Dunne, who is a partner at The Dublin House in Red Bank, confided that they had purchased 2,000 pounds of corned beef for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Weekend.
That’s a lot of corned beef. He did not divulge how much cabbage they will have on hand…

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