The Drinker's Bonus

I’ve realized for years, if ordering more than 1 drink at a restaurant or bar, the second drink is always stronger, or the wine pour is bigger, sometimes substantial. I’ve started calling this the drinker’s bonus.

So, last night we were at our favorite Mexican place, I order a G&T and DH feels like a shot of Hornitos.
They arrive and are strong, made well in the case of my gin and tonic. We order a 2nd round and DH’s shot, if anything was smaller, but mine was noticeably stronger. I did order a third and it was practically a martini!! (1st proper g&ts of the summer)

Do any of you experience this in the hospitality industries?


I’ve never experienced it myself. But a long time ago, late '70s, I was visiting a friend and his housemate was holding an informal bartending lession. He said that if, say a guy was “trying to get a girl drunk”, the bartender should start out with lower-alcohol drinks, then ramp them up after she was tipsy from the first and wouldn’t notice the stronger ones. In this #metoo era, I look back at it as abetting date-rape, and I’m uncomfortable with the memory.

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Unfortunately a lot of outrageous things happened in the 70’s. The sexual revolution hadn’t evolved yet to where it should have been. Even the feminist females had very unfeminist code names for lots of things like GIB when a fellow female got a promotion. I’m glad we have moved forward to quite an extent.

Here’s hoping more men are gentlemen and follow this song these days. The difference between a boy and a man.

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Especially if you know bartender.

Love my horn!

I just drink a straight (no vermouth) stoli martini up, it’s hard to get a “stronger” drink or pour. lol

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@NotJrvedivici - you got that right!

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Although it is much appreciated when a bar tender “over pours” and leaves the excess in the shaker for you to have at your leisure. Sure it could be mostly icey water, but I HATE when they pour and there is excess in the shaker but your glass is full, so they just throw it down the sink. WTF? Why? Why? Why?

That’s literally the dumbest thing ever, you are literally throwing money down the drain. (as a bartender) Sure some establishments want you to do that so it encourages me to order another instead of having 1 & 1/4 drinks for one, but the good will the gesture shows I believe more than makes up for it.


I would set the drink down and ask the patron to take a quick sip or three so I can put a roof on their up glass. I can’t remember anyone refusing my request.

A bartender, especially one in the public eye, must show the utmost respect for his/her craft and wares. Wasting any spirits down the drain, especially in public view, shows poor craft.

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I thought of this thread as I sipped my martini at the Lambertville Station Restaurant the other day: they bring you over the glass half full, fill it up from a small carafe into the glass, and then leave you the rest, which ends up being a drink and a half.

Full review here.


A thing of beauty! (the drink Greg not you)

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OK, we just got back from 12 days in Hawaii, a perfect place to have a decadent beach vacay, especially when you’ve already seen & done the major attractions of the respective islands. :palm_tree:

I’ll preface the rest of this post by saying that when we go on vacation, the trip starts once we get through security, no matter the time of day.
Soooo, we usually hit an airport bar and have a drink or two before the flight. It’s relaxing & sometimes leads to a short nap, when in flight. BUT, what I want to say is that the drinker’s bonus was in full effect during the entire vacation. It doesn’t sound like a lot of you experience this, from the replies on this thread…truly I don’t know why it happens to me ALL the time. The flight attendants on all the flights gave me freebies. Of course I bought some as well. It continued once we were at our destinations and enjoying happy hour or dinner out. My drinks (2-3) kept getting stronger! One night I was solo during insomnia, and my bartender took care of my wine orders very well. Is this a western US thing? I just don’t know why I have this alcohol karma, it’s pretty strange, but appreciated! Except when I visit Utah, where I have some family; the alcohol is strictly metered and you can’t order a double and in some places they won’t serve you if you don’t order food also.
Kind of a silver lining, in that Utah bartenders are winning awards; due to the strict alcohol rules, they have to be creative with other ingredients.


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