The Different Types of Kway Teow Dishes in Malaysia and Singapore

My latest article for the Michelin Guide looks at the different types of kway teow/flat rice noodle dishes in Malaysia and Singapore.


The Different Types of Kway Teow Dishes in Malaysia and Singapore

The ubiquitous Teochew flat rice noodles are showcased in various cooking styles across Southeast Asia — especially in Malaysia and Singapore. Learn about …


Love this style of noodle! This is the same as ho fun used in chow fun right?

(I’ve not encountered ho fun in Chinese food aside from chow fun – separating all the cheung fun types of course)

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Yes, a slight variance, though - Teochew kway teow tend to be thinner and narrower than Cantonese hor fun.

Interesting. Maybe we don’t get that distinction here!

Are they also only sold fresh, not dried?

You can get both - but fresh ones would constitute 90% of the market.

Interesting. Here the wide rice noodles are hard to find dried – the “XL” size is maybe half or a third of the width of how wide fresh are cut for chow fun.

Recently I came across something called “rice flakes” which are broken noodles actually meant for soup I think, but wider than the alternatives.


I’ve only had the soup and dry versions of kway teow in Thailand, and it remains one of my favorite dishes eaten there. I ordered it wherever I could :slight_smile:

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