The Daily Beast: Noma’s René Redzepi Talks Fermentation & the Joys of Rotting Meat We chatted with the famous Danish chef about his new Noma fermentation book [and a squirrel ferment].


I point out that not all of the recipes in this book are what most folks would think of as relatable, accessible, or novice. There is an entire section devoted to garum. The book describes garum as follows: “Once a mainstay of European cuisine, they’ve all but disappeared from the recipes of today. In its purest form, garum is a chunky blend of fish, salt, and water that’s allowed to break down and putrefy (in a controlled manner, of course).”

Game season has recently begun at Noma, and there’s a squirrel ferment in the kitchen now that came to them too late to make it into the book, and we joke about it a bit but I realize that really it’s just the natural conclusion of the same process of hanging and aging game that hunters have employed for centuries; it only sounds weird at first.