The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

This is a weird new Netflix Original series. The presenter is a macabre Martha, accompanied by two coarsely constructed puppets (a raccoon and a mummy that looks like a Sphinx cat) and someone in a cheapo werewolf getup that looks like it came from a mid-century B movie.

The plots and acting are crap, but CM makes some very professional baked goods that may inspire your Halloween baking. The Victorian mansion she baked in the first episode was spectacular, and the peanut butter pretzel bones looked quite real.

I tried to watch that first episode - I made it about 15 minutes and had to bail on it. While I think it is unfair to judge a show by the first episode - people still trying to find their stride, etc, and many top shows have horrible beginnings - that said, I’m not going in for episode two. If it makes it to season two maybe I’ll watch another one . . . .

Why didn’t they make those spider cookies/snacks that they used in the opening sequence? What an obvious set up and they seemed like they would be pretty cool at a Halloween party - which is perfectly set up given the timing. Huge miss.

Episode 2 was even more bizarre, but I did learn something. She put candy canes on a parchment lined pan for 5 minutes in a 325F oven. They soften enough to be twisted and otherwise shaped every which way.

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Dita Von Teese , ball gags, home made treats, this show definitely has an adult theme.
Kind of an alternative lifestyle, lifestyle show. I’m curious to see where they go with it.

thanks for the link - her Freddie Mercury cake really is stunning, hadn’t seen that before. Still not sure I can watch another episode but maybe I’ll try.

You’re welcome, I find her to fall somewhere between appealing and innocuous … I can watch her, she is talented.

Wait until you see the gingerbread house !

Yeah I can do without the ratty puppets. I’ll fast forward to the food parts of a few more episodes but the first was not appealing. Looks like interesting painstaking work, I would like to see more action and technique.

The spider snacks were demonstrated in the last of the six episodes.

Thanks, maybe I’ll skip ahead to that episode. I tried to watch another episode . . . . it didn’t go well for me.

I think I’ve figured out why I don’t like the show (this is harsh but hey, its a blog post) - it doesn’t do anything well and it is trying to do a lot. I think I could like the concept, which I think is being a blend of scripted show and cooking show. As far as a scripted show goes - it is awful. The stories aren’t cute or clever and the “acting” is that of a grade school play at best. As far as a cooking show goes, it doesn’t teach or show you anything other than some very clever final products. I mean episode 2 does a coffee percolator cake which the instructions are essentially - bake some cakes, carve them into the shape you want, put them on a base, frost, decorate. (literally that is about all of the instructions).

So I just don’t get it. Maybe I’m just not the target audience.

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You’re right, the whole thing doesn’t work, but I did learn a few things. And the “gingerdead” house was an incredible achievement.