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According to an interview with Lisa Laird Dunn (9th generation - VP) in New Jersey Breweries (2008 - there were so few NJ breweries at the time, that authors Bryson and Haynie included Laird’s to flesh out the book):

Laird’s doesn’t distill in New Jersey anymore; the actual distilling takes place down in North Garden, Virginia, in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley apple country. Laird’s bought that distillery after Repeal and moved all production there in the 1970’s.


Thanks for the info.


It bothers me too. It isn’t hard or expensive to make a basic Web page. If you hear anything keep us posted. I will try to get there.


I have been waiting for this brewpub to open for years now. It is called nanobrewery probably because of the small batches of craft beer they are allowed to make. They serve food and cocktails which sets WCP apart from the rest of the crowd. Only 5 beers were offered mostly IPAs, which I happened to like. There’s a small food menu that was interesting and surprisingly very good. There is a separate room for live music and spacious outdoor beer garden. This place will be jumping when the weather gets warm.