The Craft Brewery/Alcohol Scene [NJ]


It is a fine brew! I hope you enjoy it.

It will age well but just drink it :slight_smile:

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Speaking of smuggling, ever have Potcheen? Friend “brought” a bottle for me back from Ireland a few years ago. Good thing I was standing by the sink when I took my first sip because my immediate reaction was to spit it out.

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It was scarily good - I’ll have to squeeze a quick visit over (an unexpected - sudden network setup at a new restaurant in Hoboken(!)) turkey weekend

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Welll… teelings to a legal poitin (which is at odds with my father saying ‘you know that bridge down from the family home, remove the brick x down and take out a bottle and leave a fiver for yer man’- should I bring a bottle of the (legal) stuff over next week?


Nice! I love that beer! I didn’t want to hype it up and wanted to hear your opinion. It’s an amazing brew.

Does anyone have any opinions on absinthe? I’ve never tried it (I’m talking the real stuff and not the crap they out out here in the US)


@gcaggiano to the courtesy phone…


*put out

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I have two bottles of absinthe on my bar. I bought them for, uhh, “field work” for my history of liquor class at Brookdale. :smiley:

You can, in fact, get quality authentic absinthe here in the United States. Just have to be careful at what you are buying. If the bottle is marked “Absinthe Superieure”, it is a sweetened version lower in alcohol content and probably not including wormwood, which is the trademark herb used. They tend to have really fancy, eye-catching bottles too, and most people don’t know any better. Real absinthe is a spirit, not a liqueur and has no sugar added.

Following the USA’s “un-banning” in 2005, several brands have captured the very limited market. There is Lucid, which is excellent. Probably the smoothest. Goes great in a “Death in the Afternoon” cocktail. Then there is Vieux Carre, put out by Philadelphia Distilling (which also does the wonderful Blue Coat Gin). Theirs is more earthy in color and flavor, but a bit cheaper. Comes in a nice decanter too.

I say this when I teach the class (this spirit and its infamy is a large chunk of the presentation) and I will say it now: if you are paying less than $55 for something called absinthe, it is not absinthe.

I happen to enjoy the drink in the cocktail mentioned above or the authentic way when mixed with water and a sugar cube. The 140 proof on the bottle scares a lot of people, but once properly diluted with water, it is no more potent than a glass of wine. Usually 2 oz absinthe with 4 oz water.

For me, its like sipping history. There is no other spirit out there with a more tumultuous past. I happen to like anise, which is the main flavor but its a once in a while drink for me. I’ve had both bottles for two and three years respectively and am about halfway through each.


See? I knew who to call! :grin:


I heard that the stuff here without wormwood doesn’t give you the true absinthe “feeling” because of the lack of wormwood. Any truth to this?


Good news for beer fans. Carton BDG is now in cans. I believe this is brand new. I have never seen them at any stores. I’d check this out. It is a really “versatile” beer that pairs well with a lot of food and it is smooth, but flavorful.


Colts Neck Stillhouse is a recent addition. Just south of Delicious Orchards on Rt. 34. Wife and I sampled 4 cocktails. Our favorite (and what appeared to be a favorite by the numbers we saw being made) is the Straight Jacket (gin based with cranberry and pomegranate) … not overly sweet. They distill all their own spirits and all bitters, etc. are homemade. A nice concept in a nice space. I’d say most of the cocktails are priced $1-2 higher than I’d prefer ($13-$15 per cocktail), but not so high that it will keep me from returning.


I drove past this on the way home from our dim sum HOdown and forgot to Google it when I got home, so thanks for posting about this! Fwiw, they’re doing an event with (and AT) Reyla TONIGHT.

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I wonder if they are related to Laird’s, also in Colts Neck.


I’m not sure if they are related but I hear lairds does most distilling up north. I heard they only do the apple down here.


Is there any food or just drinks? Did you happen to see any kids? We stopped by the vineyard in Holmdel with our toddler a few weeks ago and there was an enormous sign that no one under 21 was permitted. Too bad since we thought she would love seeing the sheep while we had a glass of wine.


Gracie - no kids, but we were there on a Sat night. The inside is not really conducive to kids as it is bar seating (also no food). However, there is a small, but nice outdoor patio. I could see hanging out with kids in warmer weather. I could also see myself with a bourbon and a cigar, so your mileage may vary. I’ve seen kids during weekend day hours at several of the local beer places.


Thanks for the info. I was surprised about that vineyard but yes, it is a bar with no food so really no real reason for anyone below 21 to be there. It makes sense and is probably just a big liability.


You’re right. I think it is technically illegal to bring someone under 21 to a bar in nj but it is never enforced from what I’ve seen.

I want to try this place.


This thread reminded me that I meant to post about a new “brewery, restaurant, arts and performance space…” that has JUST opened in Long Branch. It’s called the Whitechapel Projects (named for the Whitechapel section of London, famous for its art/culture).

The Tri-City news did a big article on it, but they don’t publish online–only in print. I have it if you have additional questions, but imo it could become a very interesting venue for Long Branch (OFF season for me)… Their website shouldn’t exist at this point (again, imo), as all it does is redirect to their Instagram page @whitechapelprojects

WHYWHYWHYYYY do places open without at least a basic site set up? Unreal in (almost) 2019.

Wed-Thurs 4-10
Fri-Sat 4-11
15 2nd Ave
Long Branch NJ
732 963 9218