The Costco Nubz Situation....

So I stopped by the local Costco to get Nubz for the dog. We have none at home, I’m on my way home after a long day & the dog expects a treat when I get home. No Nubz. No Nubz? I go up to the managers counter & inquire where they’re hiding them these days. “We have no Nubz”. No Nubz? “No we’re not carrying them to make room for Xmas stuff”. WTF? No Christmas for dogs? Now I’ve got a Husky & he’s a particular dog. Fortunately he likes the substitute treats I got him. Some chicken/apple things. But no Nubz for Xmas? What are they thinking.

& Here’s Tom (with somebody else’s kid)

Who wants to be the one to tell Tom there’s no Nubz?


Looks like they’re on costco’s website…or i think these are the ones. Just point click ship a few and save the holidays for Tom! He’s freaking adorable…

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That’s them. Tom tested - Tom approved.


Evil Costco people! (Kidding, I love Costco) Christmas for Tom must be saved!!! Beautiful dog!

What a gorgeous dog! Don’t know how the prices compare with Costco, but they have Nubz on Amazon.

Hopefully they’re the same price as in store…? Now i’m all worried about making sure Tom is happy and gets his favorite Nubz…Please keep us updated!


Well my local Costco didn’t have them but one 10 miles away did so Tom is resupplied. Huskies are picky eaters & prone to upset tummies. Tom accepts most dog treats… & then spits them out. His favorite stuff is vegetables. He is very fond of baby carrots but he also likes cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, beets & sweet potatoes. & of course seal blubber but it’s hard to get that fresh around here & who wants to thaw a whole frozen seal for one bite of blubber?


(((Whew!!!))) thanks for the update! Those treats seem to be very popular.
How fun that he loves veggies! Our dogs when i was growing up (black labs) always loved them too, and would snack on the falled apples from our tree in the back yard. We always had a huge bag of carrots around for them too :slight_smile: