The Coop Rotisserie, Amesbury MA

We hit the Salisbury Reservation late this afternoon. Folks were heading out as we were heading in. Water was great and there was a nice breeze.
And then headed to The Coop in Amesbury for dinner. Our first time but not our last.
Its kind of small but bright and clean, some patio seating available but we snagged a high top inside. It smelled so good!
Wine and beer only, a nice selection. We had the last order of Coxinha and they were excellent. And a meal in themselves. Very well put together, a little heat and so well seasoned.
I had to try the 1/2 chicken, one of my favorite meals. It was so good, the skin was the best part. Real mashed potatoes and grilled veggies. I have at least half the meal in the fridge for lunch tomorrow.
My husband had the chicken soup (and some of my dinner) and was very happy with his choice.
We saw several dishes go by and they all looked tempting. We will be back for the
tacos, pupusas, crab burger and burritos.


We went back last night, just to be sure The Coop was as good as we remembered.
And it is. We split chips and pico de gallo to start. I had beef tacos and DH has the pupusas. Everything was well done, the pupusas came with a very interesting slaw on top, the dressing, whatever it was, should be bottled!
The tacos were packed, the beef was shredded and all the components really worked together nicely. Cheeses, pico, guac, radishes, cabbage and a hint of cinnamon. Home made tortillas were grilled.
We also brought home a 1/2 spicy-1/2 sweet mix of wings for our son. Got a bite of one before he retreated to his room with rest. Would like an order of my own.


@grumpyspatient Yesterday, we were struggling to come up with a short day trip (avoidance of cars/traffic was utmost) but we did consider getting in the car and going up to Amesbury and would have checked out the Coop based on your review. Perhaps another weekend, but just wanted to thank for your post!


The website suggests calling to confirm hours on Sunday. But there are quite a few interesting spots in Amesbury including the original Flatbread with a huge oven.
I think there is a Trina’s Starlite Lounge too.
LMK what you think should you make it to the Coop though.

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I spent yesterday afternoon at the beach, chatting with my friend and we ended up in Amesbury at the Coop for dinner. I was a little nervous, it had been a while since I was there but we were not disappointed.
We sat on the patio with sangria, grilled avocado salad and coxhina. And shared the vegan, gluten free coconut-pineapple-cardamon ice cream.
Enjoyed it all, even the ice cream. Highly recommend this place.