The Cookery at Captain Lawrence: Mother shucker event , Elmsford, NY 10523

Oh man, does this look good!
Really fair price too considering the menu, IMO

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That looks really great! Thanks for the info.

I was just showing this to my husband last night. There is a $12+ surcharge for booking on the website which brings the total to almost $100 each. I am certain my husband could eat enough food and drink enough beer to make it worth it but I don’t think I could. It looks like a lot of fun though… Have you been @chowdom ? Anyone?

Never been as a matter of fact I wasn’t aware of the event until I saw an ad for tickets yesterday.
$100.00 for all inclusive IMO still seems fair … My guess though, not for the faint of heart

Yes, I’m thinking that too. Not big on crowds and DH is on no-low carb, so no beer!

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Haha yes it definitely seems to be gluttonous to the nth degree. We may just hit the cookery on our own terms one day soon. Haven’t been in a while.

This looks fantastic! Thank you for sharing. I’m a bit confused by the pricing, though - the Captain Lawrence website says $75 in advance, $85 at the door, but the eventbrite system for purchasing has advance tix at $85 plus that ridiculous $12 fee. I wonder if you can buy tickets by stopping by the brewery? Perhaps I’ll give them a call. If you can get in for $75 without that fee, it sounds like a good deal and a lot of fun!

ETA - I just realized that info was for last year’s event - perhaps they have raised the price this year. I’ll still give a call to find out!

Another ETA - I just called and got an email address, so I sent a note to the person in charge. I also found this year’s advertisement on Facebook and the tickets are $85 in advance, $95 at the door. Still, if the door price comes without that stupid fee, it’s cheaper than advance! I’ll let you know if they sell tix at the brewery as soon as I hear back.

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I’d say if they serve some of the pricier ones like Kumamotos, Shigokus, etc then it could be well worth it. If its the cheaper varieties, well then one needs to eat a lot.

True, especially if you’re not drinking beer. The designated driver price is only $10 less than the full price!

There are usually 2- 3 types of oysters available.
$40 -$45 dollar tickets are available to designated drivers( non drinkers)
Beer is included and there is no gratuity
The cookery is going to email me as soon as they know what
variety of oysters are going to be served, I’ll post info here.

According to Eventbrite, the designated driver tickets are $75 - not a bargain. Definitely keep us updated on the oyster varieties and any other info they provide!

Just heard back from Captain Lawrence/the Cookery - tickets are ONLY sold through Eventbrite or at the door. Bummer, but not the end of the world.

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The person I spoke with is probably quoting last years $$$
I sent you his contact info

So, I completely forgot this event was happening today. However, we were out running errands and decided to stop into the tasting room for a snack, so at least I got a sneak preview for next year! Anyway, the tasting room/garden was great fun and I think it would be a terrific place for a HOdown. You can buy beer by the pint, or purchase a tasting glass (that you keep) for $2, and then purchase tokens that you exchange for 5 oz pours. They’re 5 for $5 or $10 for 12, so it works out to about the same price as a pint. A couple of the really high alcohol beers cost two tokens per pour, but otherwise it was 1 for 1. Great way to try out as many or as few as you’d like. They had about 10 options inside and another 4-5 outdoors, plus a few wines for the non-beer drinkers.

As for the food, we saw a lot of great looking stuff! We ordered the Korean style crispy wings (which were not crispy and actually pretty mediocre; I wouldn’t order them again) and the duck confit poutine, which was EXCELLENT. Really crispy fries, savory sagey gravy, lots of tender duck and cheese. Perfect bar food. The tables next to us had a variety of burgers, sandwiches and some awesome looking cornbread. I am eager to go back and check out more of the menu. Food was a little overpriced but the beer was very reasonable, so it balanced out.

It was gorgeous out today and there was a good crowd, but still plenty of places to sit inside and out. Dogs encouraged! They have a couple of cornhole sets and some other outdoor games set up as well. Very fun afternoon - we’ll be back!


Glad you enjoyed. The pork burger was really, really good last time we were there.