The Clear Food Hot Dog Report

I know nothing more about this group than they tell us at the top:

“With Clear Food, we’re using next-generation genomic technology to analyze the world’s foods at a molecular level, ingredient by ingredient. Our mission is to reveal the whole story—the one behind the label.” No idea who might be funding them, although there is a Kickstarter link at the top, so maybe they’re fairly neutral.

The good stuff:

Out of 345 samples, human DNA was found in 2% (and most of that was in the vegetarian ones). I’m praying that’s hair and maybe sweat.

10% of vegetarian hot dogs have meat. 3% of all hot dogs have undeclared pork.

Really the scoop here is, with all the bad press hot dogs and sausages get, a fairly small percentage (14.4% overall) have problems at all.

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