The Cincinnati Roadfood crawl Day 3

The day began with bagels at Everything Bagels. They offer a wide selection of very satisfactory bagels and bagel toppings.

Then to Jungle Jim’s, a sprawling international supermarket with a lot of … character.

Sort of like Buc-ee’s on acid, except the rest rooms are not as nice

It contains an independent spot, NBLckn (Noble Chicken) where we tried some very good fried chicken fingers with various tasty sauces, most notably a ghost pepper ranch that sneaks up on you .

Then to an Amish place, Home Place, that sells everything except adult beverages – lots of predictable food in jars, heavy wooden outdoor furniture, plants, and, ,of greatest interest, a glorious strawberry pie.

Why doesn’t everyone sell strawberry pie? Less successful brisket

and genuinely good ribs that a sweet sauce couldn’'t hurt.

Off to Roney’s, a non-corporate Roy Rogers that has a nice sign.

a notable roast beef sandwich

an undistinguished burger

and a shrine to Roy and Dale.

Then to Blue Ash Chili for … chili and a goetta on rye, both of which I enjoyed (They have a monster dish with 8 pounds of chili, pasta, cheese, and jalapeño buttons, something I haven’t seen outside Cincinnati , that attracted Guy Fieri and his ilk.)

After a break, it was off to Laszlo’s Iron Skillet, an old school German restaurant that was absolutely fantastic.

Not shown are the Italian style schnitzel and the schnitzel with goetta and pepper sauce, and probably other things. It’s time for my cocktail, so I’ll take the liberty of referring those interested to my blog post,