The Chozhas, Millstone

Drove by last night and apparently this place is now open. Yes, this is the former location of Luchentos, Russo’s, Millstone Diner and a couple of others I can’t recall. The menu looks very interesting and will certainly be the next place we try when we want Indian.


I passed this going to my accountant a couple of weeks ago…I tend to head to Aarzu (Freehold) for Indian food, but I look forward to hearing how this is!

ETA that in looking at the menu online, I see thalis, which are one of my favorite things (for those not familiar, think of it as a sampler platter)–you get to try many dishes in one shot! Menu overall is making me drool…

Went there last night around 6 pm
Party of 6. Seated immediately without reservation. It’s been 3-5 years ? since I had went to Luchentos and my meal was unremarkable but I believe the decor is basically the same.
Regular Naan
Garlic Naan
Chicken 65 (my favorite )
Fish fry
Samosa Chat ( very good)
Podli idli
Entrees (shared)
Tandoori chicken
Chozahs special goat curry
Panner tikka masala
Lamb vindaloo

All dishes were really good. We had members of our party who requested mild spice.
And after the appetizers the waiter checked on us to see if the kitchen accommodated us.

Overall good experience.
Would recommend
Sorry forgot pics!


A follow up regarding The Chozhas. Our second visit to The Chozhas was in March. Though everything was very well prepared there were a couple of minor missteps that I attributed to the restaurant being very crowded on that particular Saturday night and being relatively new. The next day I sent a note to The Chozhas hoping it would be taken in the constructive manner it was intended. Later that day I received a call from the manager thanking me for the feedback and assuring me the issues raised would be addressed. He said to make sure I seek him out the next time we’re there.

Fast forward nearly three months to this past Sunday. We decided to make a last minute reservation for Father’s Day dinner. Not more than 30 minutes after making the reservation I received an email from the manager saying he would be there on Sunday and to let our waiter know when we’ve arrived. I was surprised he remembered me nearly three months later.

Needless to say we had an exceptional dinner. The manager and staff were extremely gracious and generous while everything we had continued to be very well prepared. Amongst other items we were treated to an off-menu appetizer that was prepared specially for us. We had opportunity to speak with him at length and came away impressed with his desire to please his customers.


glad to hear. Im not much for Indian cuisine, but that spot has been a graveyard of failure or mediocrity for many years so it’s def nice to see something thrive there.

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I was trying to remember the restaurants that have occupied that space. There was Down on the Farm, Luchentos, Millstone Diner, Luchentos (again, I think) and now The Chozhas. Hopefully The Chozhas breaks the curse and succeeds. They should as they’re good.

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