The Cabin, Freehold/Howell sold

We’ve been to The Cabin many times, mostly out of convenience as it’s a couple of minutes from our house and is popular with some of our neighbors when we go out together. Occasionally good, most times average. It’s been sold to the group that owns Jack Baker, Lobster Shanty, Moore’s Tavern, American Grille and several others. We’ve been to most and find them to be consistently mediocre. YMMV.

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Wow…interesting. I actually just passed there on my way to Frankie Fed’s Sunday night. I never really cared for the place but yet had gone probably a dozen times over the years.

Is this related to the one in Jackson near 6 flags? I remember the owner was Tommy. I fished with him on my boat. He was/is still friends with my uncle.

Isn’t that place called The Post?

It might have changed. I thought it was Tommy’s cabin. He was a very cool guy. It was the place going west bound maybe a mile or two before 6 flags. It did look like a cabin. I believe it was Jackson but I’m not from the area. I’ll see if I can track Tommy down via my uncle rich

There is a cabin style bar in Cream Ridge past 6 Flags on 537 called the Post, I think. Lol

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The cabin style restaurant in Cream Ridge is The Plumsted Grill:

Man this place must make crazy money. I used to live right down the street and there was never a time the parking lot wasn’t packed.

As I look that over that is what use to be The Post. Any idea how long ago it changed?

I’ve been there a few times. I think part of the “draw” is the huge servings… a turkey sandwich had enough turkey for 5 sandwiches!..lots of retired folks in dining room and army and groups of workers in the bar area…they have a private room which all the times I was there was hosting a luncheon from what appeared to be a funeral from the nearby military cemetery.

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The Plumstead Grill was once called The Outpost. According to an updated review of the place I made in 2007 on a beer site, it had already changed its name (and, I assumed ownership). The PG website says “Since 2005”.

At one time as The Outpost, it carried quite a few different beers on tap - unusual in that area and at that time. Sadly, most tasted stale - just too many beers for the number of customers. Once when I asked which beers were recently tapped, the bartender seemed insulted. (Hey, I was insulted by being previously served beer past its prime).

As a barbecue joint, it was “out” of items like ribs and pulled pork the 2 times I went for food.