The Buttered Biscuit, Bradley Beach [NJ]

I just did a search and can’t believe BB doesn’t have its own thread on here, but it only comes up within other discussions about excellent brunch options, so here you go!

I love this place, but WOW does it get busy on the weekends, so I thought I’d tell this local crew that they’re now open for dinner a few nights (Wed-Sat, iirc)! They’re BYO, the food is always great, the biscuits are to die for, and the owners are terrific.

They just posted their menu for tonight. I could be convinced to go out (even in this mess–as the flood advisory pops on my phone) if anyone is interested… @joonjoon? @seal ? @NotJrvedivici? @MsBean?

Love The Buttered Biscuit, but usually don’t go because of the long wait for a table. I’ll probably wait until the Fall to try dinner.

Nice simple menu for Cinco de Mayo. Everything sounds great.

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Daughter’s prom tonight and I am on picture duty.

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Awww! But also OY–the frizzies!!! Hope it’s FUN for you…

Don’t forget your camera!!!

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Lo siento esta noche no es bueno.

I really did just bust out laughing…

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No problemo; it was last-minute! :slight_smile:

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@CurlzNJ Thanks for bringing up The Buttered Biscuit. Every time we head there, which admittedly is usually a not prefect beach day in July, the wait is way too long and we end up at The Bradley Cafe. Going to dinner tonight would have been a great idea but we already planned on the quintessential HO dinner for Cinco de Mayo - Greek Food at Stamna! Which was delicious!

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Ha! But YAY–I’m glad you went back to Stamna!!

I am also team Bradley cafe!

So my daughter is really into breakfast places, she loves Mimo’s (no clue if I"m spelling that right and I really don’t care) and several others either I can’t recall or I simply chose not to. I’m a diner breakfast guy, I’ll sit at a counter or I’ll wait my 10 mins to be brought to my table by a guy named, Nikos-Gus-Manny or George. That is breakfast to me.

My daughter has wanted to come to The Buttered Biscuit for some time, as the matter of fact we probably had about 3 past attempts, attempts because I refused to wait the 30+ minutes required on each of those attempts. Well this weekend for whatever reason I got suckered into waiting the quoted 30 minutes, which really turned into 45 mins.

Again, I’m a diner breakfast guy, save me your foo-foo pancakes and french toasts I just want eggs, meat and potatoes. Much of the menu and items were of no interest to me, I simply wanted a pork roll egg and cheese with home-fries. I did see a family favorite on the menu, biscuits and country gravy so I decided to place an order of those as a breakfast appetizer. (I do pride myself on my white sausage gravy so this was going to be a good test)

The porkroll egg and cheese was good, no complaints. The potatoes were more a roasted potato vs. the thin sliced and griddle fried as a diner would have, which is my personal preference but nothing wrong with these. The biscuits were very good, as they should be when it’s in your name, but the sausage gravy I really didn’t care for. Way too much grease vs. milk based, I also couldn’t clearly define what grease they used for the base, sausage, bacon or some other combination. This really didn’t impress me.

My regular coffee tasted burnt, the decaf was good though.

There was an omelette ordered which was good as well as one of their benedict (with lox and spinach) which was a generous portion and well enjoyed. (by my daughter)

All in all if “breakfast places” are your thing, this will probably please you. I shall never return. lol Trust me, it’s me not them!!! The place obviously has one hell of a following…and I know I"m in the minority in my opinion but just reporting my experience. It wasn’t bad, but I sure as hell can’t see the draw of this (and many other breakfast places in our area) but as I said, these places just aren’t my thing to begin with.

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Fewer people waiting = more room for the rest of us! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
While I’ve never had their gravy, I do love their food… the corned beef hash is made in-house, the Benedict’s are terrific, and I can’t finish their breakfast wrap because it’s so big! Glad you agree about the biscuits, though… HEAVENLY!

You might like Comfi in Belmar…not as “foofy” but the food was solid and if it’s possible, portions are bigger than any diner I’ve been to!


The few times we thought about going to The Buttered Biscuit the wait was too long so we headed up the street to The Bradley Cafe. Much more our style. Needless to say, we’ve never ended up there.

I will say the owners shop with me and are very nice people. I’m happy they seem to be quite successful.



@NotJrvedivici you missed a bet by not eating the house made corned beef hash.

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Before we even left the house I had my daughter make sure they had PREC on the menu. Once I got there and saw the menu I noticed the corned beef hash but the caption “the best corned beef hash and I’m not just saying that because my husband makes it” turned me off. lol

It’s REALLY good

Have you tried the biscuits at Modine in AP? We went on Saturday and they are delicious, crispy on the outside and flaky and soft on the inside.

I haven’t tried the Buttered Biscuit but I have heard they have quite the following. Bradley Beach isn’t in our regular rotation of spots.

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I have not, but I will mention it to my daughter so it get’s in the line up for upcoming breakfast ventures!

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