The Burren [Davis Square, Somerville]

My experiences here have been limited, but the place seems such an area institution that I thought I’d start a thread for it. My wife has been here for non-musical events (they have trivia nights, “ask an astronomer” nights, and so forth), but we’ve been here together for two musical events relatively recently:

  1. A Dylan fest where the food was abysmal. The calamari were soggy, the “medium” burger a dried-out disk. But the people at our communal table were fascinating, and the music was terrific.

  2. Last week the food was much better. My burger came out precisely medium-rare, as ordered, the fries and onion rings were cleanly and crisply fried, and my wife’s thai steak salad was actively pleasant, with a peanut sauce with medium-zing to it.

What have your experiences been here? (I’m surprised at myself that I’ve only been here recently, but better late than never – to be really original in my observations.)