The Break, Asbury Park Boardwalk

This is the new restaurant where Langosta Lounge used to be. The owners also own Deal Lake Bar + Co in Allenhurst, just a couple of blocks out of AP. For starters, when they took over the space, in just a few weeks they transformed the look of it by removing some walls that had been breaking up the room, and by taking down a bunch of shelves that blocked the windows behind the bar. Those changes + light paint have given the place the beach vibes it was missing, and now it has an open view as well. It was such a pleasant shock to walk in there the first time from the Ocean Ave entrance (you can also come in off the boardwalk side)!

I’ve only had one meal there thus far, but wow, what an improvement! The menu includes something for everyone, and although the pricing matches the location, $18 for 2 tacos that were full of sushi grade tuna (slices) + rice and beans felt more than fair. Can’t say that about the fish tacos up the boards at another restaurant… The veg taco that I tried was also delicious, and my friend loved her shrimp tacos as well. The three of us also shared the carrot cake, which was excellent. Cocktails were good, and the place was full on the earlier side on a Saturday night - until about 7:30 when a lot of people headed out to a show at the Stone Pony. Staff is alternately very good and in need of training (bussers, mostly), but I expect that when a place has only been open for a month. Based on what I’ve seen at their other place, service will get up to speed, as even in a casual restaurant, I feel like these owners actually understand the hospitality business, and I think this is a positive change for AP.


Can’t wait to try it when we get back in town in May

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