The Bone - BBQ in Gainesville, VA

This is a serious spot which deserves attention. The pork ribs here are worth an exclamation point for their tenderness and gentle smoky flavor. Nice char along the edges. They do arrive at the table with a light amount of sauce, so you should ask for without. But a completely satisfying experience.

Also tried the brisket reuben, which is a waste of good brisket. Can’t say exactly how good the brisket is under those circumstances, so the ribs should be a priority. Mac n Cheese comes in its own mini skillet, so bonus points for a nice rendition.

I would not hesitate to return.



Do you know what sort of cooker/wood they use?

No, I didn’t ask. As I was going in I asked some guys coming out what I should order, and they were wild for the ribs. They were right.

As a side note, my wife brought back home a rack of ribs from A&R in Memphis (where she grew up), and they were awesome. I don’t think they use any seasoning, no rub, no nothing. Packed for an airplane ride home, sauce on the side.


I sent them an email asking about the cooking method. IF it’s all-wood, I’ll get out there much sooner in connection with my Campaign fro Real Barbecue duties

Did they ever get back to you? Their website and Facebook page show giant outdoor smokers that look to be maybe offset smokers at their Gainesville location. Their web page also shows two of the owners posing in front of Franklin Barbecue in Austin, which is a good sign.

They say in their ads, “High-quality meats are sourced and smoked daily in our hickory log pit.”

The Yelp reviews are wildly inconsistent.

They never responded. I guess sI’l have to get out there. I’ll let you know

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Maybe they’re just really nostalgic about the week they spent in Paris on vacation and have decided to bring French manners home to America.

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By the way, I’m toying with he idea of going to The Bone tomorrow. There seem to be two locations. Which is the original, or does it make any difference>

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The photos of the cookers appear to be at the Gainesville location (the original location). It’s possible they also have smokers at the Manassas location, but I’d probably play the odds and head to the Gainesville location.

Their Facebook page makes it clear they are very serious about their barbecue. They will even do whole hogs for catered events.

I went to The bone on Tuesday. It’s gas-assisted. The barbecue is ok, and the collards would be very good if they weren’t all stems and overlong strips.

I also stopped by Ruthie’s All Day. their pork is getting better. The mustard sauce is striking. It has chipotle, but also too much sugar. The white sauce would be very good if they’d add 1 to 1 vinegar.

Both places are friends and accommodating. Very good service, and fun places ot stop.

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I’m curious about the mechanics of how the cooking was gas-assisted.

I’m certainly no expert in smokers, but the photo of their huge smoker looked like a stand-alone wood smoker to me (cropped photo attached_

. Are there giant barrel smokers that have gas hookups? Or were they using a different cooker altogether?

It’s interesting that your experience with Ruthie’s continues to be so positive. Mine has been different, for the pork barbecue, I mean – the rest of their food is tremendous.

They were using an indoor cooker, On of the outside cookers has a gas hookup, which is fairly common. They use that at very busy times. The other is wood only. they use that for catering. I confirmed this with the owner

And Ruthie’s pork is getting better. It still could use some work.

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You’re educating me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gas hookup to an outdoor cooker.

Usually it’s propane, but sometimes there’s propane tank or two around to fuel and auxiliary stove or griddle for other food at events. Vision in Charlottesville is a good example. It’s all bottle hook-ups. A guy in West Palm at Off That Bone uses a Southern Pride, but he’s disabled the gas hook-up. He cooks a very good rib

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By the way, Southern MD is moving up in the bbq charts. All (so far) of the great rib places are there, and I just found some very good pork at Chad’s in Edgewater.

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Again, you’re educating me. I remember the Off Tha Bone review (it’s one of my favorites on your blog), but I thought a Southern Pride smoker was always an indoor rectangular box (as shown). Do they also make outdoor barrel smokers?

Southern Pride Smoker

I’ve noted that from your most recent reviews Southern Maryland is surprisingly hard to get to from here, but it looks like I’m going to have to make the effort.

As I recall, which is vaguely, as with most things, he had an older model he’d jerry-rigged and fixed so he could cook with direct heat, as God intended.