The Bone - BBQ in Gainesville, VA

This is a serious spot which deserves attention. The pork ribs here are worth an exclamation point for their tenderness and gentle smoky flavor. Nice char along the edges. They do arrive at the table with a light amount of sauce, so you should ask for without. But a completely satisfying experience.

Also tried the brisket reuben, which is a waste of good brisket. Can’t say exactly how good the brisket is under those circumstances, so the ribs should be a priority. Mac n Cheese comes in its own mini skillet, so bonus points for a nice rendition.

I would not hesitate to return.

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Do you know what sort of cooker/wood they use?

No, I didn’t ask. As I was going in I asked some guys coming out what I should order, and they were wild for the ribs. They were right.

As a side note, my wife brought back home a rack of ribs from A&R in Memphis (where she grew up), and they were awesome. I don’t think they use any seasoning, no rub, no nothing. Packed for an airplane ride home, sauce on the side.


I sent them an email asking about the cooking method. IF it’s all-wood, I’ll get out there much sooner in connection with my Campaign fro Real Barbecue duties