The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

Wow…that’s really amazing. In all my years around kitchens and meat I have never seen an intact skeleton rib section like that. It seems all the actual meat has been removed, with exception to connective tissue and they are drying the bones. Probably use for stock / marrow etc. Very cool, thanks for sharing.

LOL Love the few pieces of celery hanging there to dry, that’s for their vegan dish. (sssshhhhhhh)


A whole one? I challenge you to eat 10!

Don’t want to discourage you but here’s a video you might want to check out…


I love you

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Damn, so it really is that bad. I think I will pass

Here is a good one from LA beast. I literally had to walk out of the room and almost ralphed.

Please don’t pass… take one for the team!!

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For Korean harvest celebration we do a little ceremony for our deceased ancestors and shit. I think most traditions are bullshit, and I don’t have a religious or superstitious bone in my body but I always really appreciated this holiday. Like Thanksgiving, it’s a time of appreciation and sharing of food. The idea is that you set a table for your parents, they come with their ghost friends and you feed them a feast. My dad struggled with diabetes for many years before he passed away so he was unable to eat many of his favorite foods, so my mom and I have a really good time indulging him with all of his favorites.

But back to stupid traditions, you can’t use stuff like chili peppers, garlic or onions because apparently that drives away ghosts. When I die my kids better put that shit on the dead dinner table!

The picture ain’t doing this steak justice, I cut it off a rib roast myself, it was probably around 40 oz. And pan fried until the crust was actually crispy.

The spread. You take the chopsticks and pass it from one plate to another, and pour some booze between rounds and bow and stuff.

Mandatory ghost ceremony bibimbap. No gochujang in this one, it’s seasoned with soy sauce and sesame oil home pressed by my mom’s friend in Korea. Delicious.


Thanks for sharing! In chinese culture we also celebrate Harvest Moon Festival (mid Autumn Festival). Its hard to keep up with the previous generational traditional stuff, but I’m sure your efforts made your mom really happy and proud! Its good for the kids to see as well. Keep the faith!


Cool post Joon. That looks like a nice spread of food for the celebration. And yes, that steak is speaking my language. May the char be with you!


EXCELLENT post, Joon! I’m with you on religion, but always enjoy any holiday that focuses on a feast (see: Passover, for example)!


I shared this in the WFD thread a couple of days ago. Got this pre-rolled at Best Market (just can’t say enough about them–too bad its transitioning to a Lidl soon). Pan-seared three minutes on each side and then finished for 10 minutes in the oven. Rolled with spinach and provolone. Best steak I’ve had in a long time.


Just think, in a few months you’ll be able to get even more things pre-rolled. :laughing:


No comment. :crazy_face:

Do you guys have a similar ceremony of putting out food for your ancestors? I figured it was an inherited Chinese tradition but I’m curious if there are any differences.

Wait what? Best Market is turning into a Lidl? There’s one 2 miles down the road! That’s a travesty, Best Market has such great prices.

You really can’t go wrong with any holiday involving a feast! I really miss my ex’s dad’s passover brisket.


Very similar spread! My dads family will usually include a whole chicken , a section of pork and some steamed buns. This is usually done at a funeral or visiting the cemetery (yes families do bring this to the cemetery). Don’t recall doing this for Harvest moon festival, I also don’t see this outside my family
So it was nice to see this in a public forum and actually being celebrated !


Yes, within two years. They have a sign explaining the transition by the exit.

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Wow that’s wild. I wonder if they are somehow able to keep selling liquor. I feel like I read somewhere that some lidls do but not ones locally.

I believe that’s why they are buying all the Best Markets. It is happening to all their locations if I remember correctly.

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Yeah, a whole boiled chicken is typically part of the spread for us too. We were going to skip the whole chicken and do fried chicken this year - my dad used to go nuts for this stuff and would always go on about how hard it was for him to resist the smell of KFC. Just didn’t have the time to make it happen. Maybe next year!

I’m not sure if we bring our food to the cemetary or not, it was always done at home.

Next time you have one please share some pics!


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