The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

Yeah, I also ask for extra horseradish on the side, then I mix it in. I use it for everything up to the steak.

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I was at beach tavern and they have a 115 ribeye for 2. I don’t think it said much besides that it is dry aged. I had one of their aged ribeyes awhile ago (probably like 1.5 years ago on summer day) and it was good (single portion)

I wasn’t paying so it probably tasted better than it was.


Am I the only one that wants to hear more about CJ’s streak adventures?

Luger’s steak sauce is fantastic as a BBQ sauce for chicken parts.


Cross posted for my Jersey friends that don’t venture of off the locan/NJ-board.


Ok, meat HO’s. Sorry in advance for my continuous intrusions into the NJ thread, fun to share with some true beef lovers.

I saw probably the best BEEF of my life last week at Tsukiji Fish Market. The outer market is a food lover’s paradise.

A simple humble stand was selling A5 Wagyu. The serious grill man charcoal grills your meat before your very eyes. You can bet this guys will cook your meat to perfection. Talk about selling the sizzle! Starting at about USD$20 ~ $40.

At $80, the most delicious slabs of beef I’ve ever seen in my entire freakin’ life. Perfect marbling, just demanding a quick sear. Each piece with its unique marbling is a work of art in itself.

Alas, we came by this meat after eating and snacking for two hours. So next time.

Btw, I came across this certificate from the very first Wagyu I had purchased a few years ago. I thought a “birth certificate” for a steer was rather superfluous at the time, but now that I know how serious Japanese are about their beef…


Please go directly back here and EAT! :smile:

That looks so good my stomach is hurting.

I think Jr can polish this off on a good day


I suspect I will forever be filled with regret and remorse for not manning up and forcing down a piece of that A5 Wagyu art. :frowning:

We’re already talking about our next trip, so it may not be too long for redemption…

That JR dude can polish 2x that Tomahawk, no doubt.

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Miss the plane! There are always more in the future lol.

72 hours prep time on that ribeye. That’s some pregame you can get on!

This is the American Wagu NY Strip @ $29.99lbs.
This is a great steak, also their Japanese Wagu is on sale for $69.99lbs! Might have to try that. Tonight was prepared Oscar style since I made salmon Oscar for the ladies…


Nice Bob! That looks like a fine steak. I need to get over there and try it out. I cooked a Wegmans ribeye last night. It was OK but nothing like that beast! I did it with lime juice, adobo and some oregano…Cuban style. Sliced and pounded out…came out very tender.


I MADE A STEAK! Lidl had these grass fed, organic 8 oz filet mignons on sale for $5 each which seemed insane. Kept it simple with a light seasoning of salt, pepper, garlic powder and rosemary and grilled them to 130. We don’t eat steaks often at home, but I thought this was pretty tasty.


For someone we know has actually made a little human being your enthusiasm for making a steak does not go unappreciated!! Yeah for Gracie!!! It looks delicious!! (and yes $5 for 8oz filet mignon is an a great price)


Ha! I hardly make them and I feel like when I do they are always under seasoned or overdone. I love my thermapen. Probably my most often used kitchen tool.


Has anyone ever tried this?

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This is a cool video. @joonjoon when is the Korea hodown?

What Does the Most Expensive Korean BBQ Omakase T…:

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I’m always game for a little Korean feast! I just saw that video today, looks nice but I’m personally not that crazy about high brow Korean food.

I really want to go to the AYCE place in Edison with @NotJrvedivici and throw down. Bob, have you been to Korean BBQ?


I’m down. Let me know. I wasn’t saying we have to get high end beef lol. I thought the video was cool. My request is we do charcoal :slight_smile: @seal @BossaNova lets try to make this happen. Jr will demolish Edison. I’m ready!


My wife is much more into Asian food than I, I’ve been to a few Asian bbq places but wouldn’t be able to tell you the difference between Korean vs Mongolian etc.

What AYCE in Edison? I’m down to give anything (except Indian) a shot! Just might have to wait till after Memorial Day, I’m trying to get back into my bikini bod, just 3 weeks away!!!