The Best Dishes you ate in [Toronto] in 2022

Which were your favourites?

My slice of pizza at Badiali’s was also one of the best things I ate this year.


Mine’s pretty simple, the Nashville hot chicken from Chica’s. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had it before but the difference between that and the non-Nashville hot chickens made it stand out for me.


Happy 2023 everyone! How many dishes do I get to pick?

Here are bunch of our favourites from the past year:

  • Riff on poke with ahi, tamari, shio koi, pear, coriander, daikon, sesame - Alo (takeout). Amazing clean, fresh flavours.
  • Blood orange teriyaki chicken over sushi rice, charred radicchio, blood orange togarishi - Lake Inez (takeout). Smokey chicken with a strong blood orange flavour throughout.
  • Pizza carbonara - Gusto 501. Highlighted by crisp guanciale and a barely cooked egg overtop.
  • Koshari (rice, pasta, lentils with a cumin-y tomato sauce and a lemon garlic sauce - Papyrus. Simple and lots of great flavours.
  • Mathlootha - Mandi Afandi. Steamed fall-off-the-bone lamb, perfumed with preserved lemon, with crushed wheat, rice, tomato sauce, caramelized onions.
  • House-smoked ham, celery, shave Comte, truffle aioli - Lapinou. Hope they bring this one back.
  • Beef noodles with pickled cabbage - GB Hand Pulled Noodles. Spicy tender flank, accented with green onion, radish, and green onions.
  • Pork neck pancake - Pinkerton’s Snack Bar. Tender pork, chili candied peanuts, kimchi, green onions. Salt, fat, sweet, mildly spicy.
  • Pork chilaca - La Chilaca. Hot pepper, stuff with cheese, fried, and slathered with tasty pork.
  • Eggplant and ricotta “meatballs” - Tutti Matti. With melted smoked mozzarella, great tomato sauce, and a a big wad of chewy and moist pizza dough.
  • Cured lake trout with pine salt spruce tips and house-made fish sauce - Actinolite. Supple trout with lots of umami and evergreen overtones.
  • Spaghettoni with pistachio pesto - Massimo Bruno. So good we got seconds.
  • Raw side striped shrimp, poached mussels, green tomato water, honeydew, and charred cucumber - Grey Gardens. Refreshing on a summer day.
  • Shakshuka - Shook. Great combo of smokey tomato, poached eggs, sukkah, and harissa.
  • Ban cuon - Que Ling. Simple and consistently excellent.
  • Ham and leek quiche - Emmer. Lots of gruyere too.
  • Thai green curry pizza - LaMoon Thai Cafe. No really, you should try it.
  • House porchetta sandwich - When the Pig Came Home. Decadent and delicious.

You jogged my memory!

Excellent quiche at Emmer and at Le Conciliabule’.

Excellent croque monsieur at Emmer, Le Conciliabule, Bar Pompette and Nadège.

My favourite breakfast sandwich on a biscuit at Emma’s Country Kitchen.

My favourite breakfast sandwich on an English muffin at Emmer. I get the sausage cooked well, because I like it more well-done.

Union for year-round patio brunch. I like the Swiss Train Ride but sometimes try features.

My most memorable and nicest Italian meal of 2022 was at Enoteca Sociale. Burrata, an interesting salad, pasta amatriciana.

My go-to pubs have been the Duke of York for it’s convenience and the Oxley for its food (very good sticky toffee pudding)

I haven’t ventured to Markham in 4 years, and haven’t been doing upscale dim sum as often as I once did. My take-out dim sum order from Pearl Harbourfront was excellent this past Sept.