The Belmonte Red Bank - oh well

Really wanted to like this place. I love Red Bank and I really miss the filet appy at Red. But …

I get the whole tapas concept, in fact I would eat at Cerveceria Catalana in Barcelona every night if it was local. But two less than silver dollar size sopes for $12?? That said they were flavorful. Also, get the terminology right - it is Patatas Bravas, not Papas Bravas. And please cover them with both mayo and hot sauce before bringing them out to the table! We had to ask for hot sauce as there was none on the patatas.

Please please please, if you ever go here do not get the Bourbon Walnut Cake. As a diabetic I am very careful about eating sweets. I took one small bite and knew this was not worth wasting even one of my precious carbs on. Not even the chocolate coating was worth eating. And my wife, the chocoholic agreed. We barely touched it. $10 for that is just criminal.

Next time I am going to try Chicky Boom in the No Joes space up the road.

Thanks for toftt! I’m surprised you still found something enjoyable about Red, that brand grew tired to me 5+ years ago. I read an article in the APP about Belmonte and the owner claiming all restaurants need to reinvent themselves every 10 years to stay relevant. That caused me to chuckle a bit since he was trying to sell Red for the past few years. Oh well…time will tell but based on your valued opinion it doesn’t look very promising.

@seal, I’d cross it off my “go to” list except I’ve never heard of it. Just as well. I hate wasting calories on bad food.

These prices help confirm my impression that “tapas” is Spanish for “expensive dim sum”. If I’m wrong, please tell me.