The Beehive?

We have reservations for the Beehive next weekend, meeting up with friends for an early dinner.
I hadn’t really heard of it before they suggested it. No recent reviews here or on CH and the older ones
I read were not very good.
Has anyone been lately? Thoughts? Comments?
Thanks for sharing-

We are going tonight. First time for us. I will report back.


Thank you.

After a long work day, The Beehive hit all the right notes. Comfy space, upbeat staff, ready to Jive dinner crowd. The Naya Rockers reggae and soul was just what I was looking for. It’s gonna get loud but I was with family ready to party.

While not inexpensive New England pub fare, the food was very tasty. Six of us shared short rib arancini, steamed mussels, fried calamari, veg plate with dips, oysters, veg lasagna, skirt steak, a lamb dish and a salmon entree. The cauliflower side was great too. A couple bottles of Napa red and we hit up another place for dessert and coffee later. Depending on the live gig, I would def return. Somewhere around $250; my bro pd.


Thanks for your thoughtful review. Back when it opened, the Beehive grabbed a lot of buzz. (Pun intended.) We walked in one night back then, and walked right out, because we wanted something quieter at that moment.

Sounds fun as a place to catch a live gig, as you describe!


Thanks for the review Rooster, feeling better about out reservations Saturday.
We aren’t there for a show but will report back on the food etc.
Have a Happy Healthy New Year!

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You as well @grumpyspatient

We had a nice dinner at the Beehive last night. Four of us had a 5:30 reservation, arrived early and stopped at the upstairs bar for a drink.
A pretty good selection of cocktails and wine by the glass or by carafe which I don’t see too often in the area.
We sat downstairs for dinner with a view of the stage. It was on the quiet side except for the bar, that looked pretty full.
Three apps for the table, calamari, deviled eggs and sauteed shrimp. The eggs were really good, they had a spicy carrot slaw on top that was excellent, the calamari was also pretty good with a tasty aioli.
The shrimp were fine, the grilled bread was the best part.
Mains were swordfish, salmon, tangine and roast chicken. The lamb tangine was a little sweet for my taste but my roast chicken over a grain salad was really well put together. I could not eat it all and am looking forward to lunch today!
We split a pot de creme with fresh blueberries and butterscotch pudding for dessert.
By the time we left it was very busy, standing room only at the bar and it looked like all the tables were full. There was a pretty good acoustic trio playing, no too loudly but good back ground music.
A fun place for sure and I would like to try the brunch at some point.
No pictures but here’s the website:


Thanks for your review @grumpyspatient. I was tempted to get the deviled eggs!

Thanks for reporting back. You made an early dinner work well indeed! Sounds like a good way to enjoy the Beehive.