The battle to become Oregon’s official state vegetable

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I love the idea that anywhere would have an official vegetable.

But if you’re going to have one, it’s a difficult call if the choice is potato or onion. Both multi-purpose. In fact, so multi-purpose that both can be all things to all people. Really, so multi-purpose that would anyone really want that as their official vegetable. Wouldnt you just prefer something distinctive - like kohlrabi, maybe, or Jerusalem Artichoke.

OK, on reflection, forget the Artichoke. No-one wants their official vegetable to be best known for making you fart.


This is an easy one! I think it should be horseradish, since Oregon produces a lot of it. I could never choose between spuds or onions.

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Somebody needs to pick mushrooms…


Oooh, yes on the mushrooms @Saregama.

They’re legal now but I don’t know if they qualify as vegetables.


Texas has a state pepper (jalapeno), vegetable (1015 sweet onion), and fruit (red grapefruit). Sometimes kids propose them, other times it’s just a way for the legislature to fill some of the 140 days they meet every other year. It’s not like there are more important things they have to work on.

I think the sweet onion should technically be a 1015Y, but that’s a quibble.


Well… I really meant the broad category of mushrooms, given how they thrive in the PNW, and also how medicinal properties have made their way into the mainstream. But yes… those too…

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State musical instrument is easy for you guys, so many of you mention it multiple times per day.

Vegetable, not so simple.

These potatoes are Supreme. I’m 60 miles from the Oregon border. I’m lucky enough to have those special potatoes delivered. My friend I call Potato John has a fire extinguisher business. He travels all the way up to the border . The potato perks he has come back with are sublime. Some where around the Tule lake region . And from southern Oregon.

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But proving that the excellent potatoes are always better than the also excellent onions is very tricky.

And the onions have a linguistic advantage similar to the musical instrument:
Organ (Oregon)
Oregonions (Oregonians)

See? Destiny.

It’s also embarrassing to live next door to “Famous Potatoes” and then change your license plate to say “Sort Of Famous Potatoes But Admittedly Not As Famous As Them”. :smile: