The Barn at Bedford Post

Yes, in the age of Covid an actual restaurant review!! Bedford Post has gone through many changes over the years. In the last one, the fine dining restaurant was a Michael White place. That didn’t last long. The property is still owned by Richard Gere. While the Inn remains open, the fine dining restaurant is not due to open until Spring 2021. We ate at the barn, the very casual dining spot. There is a new chef/owner at the helm. Roxanne Spruance, and she is quite a talent. Although indoor dining is allowed in Westchester, the chef is not yet comfortable with it, so outside it was.

Tables are outdoor wood type tables. We were seated under an overhang so it was shady. It really is a lovely, rustic setting. Service was excellent with cheerful, helpful servers. And the food is really excellent too. We both started with wine - a California Pinot Noir - Pali. The pour was a decent size too. H and I both decided appetizers were the way to go. He had steak tartare with dijon mayo, caper, onion, and parsley with a Cornishon crustini. The tartare was free form, not the usual round molded one, and honestly, looked kind of unappetizing when it arrived. But it was delicious. I did not have any so I can’t describe it but DH loved it. He then had the bone marrow luge. This was quite different. It was a bone with bone marrow and yellow fin tuna tartare on top of the bone marrow with white soy ponzu and sake. It is served with a sherry shot and when you are done eating the marrow you hold the bone up to your mouth and pour the sherry down the “luge.” Fantastic. He was one happy camper. I had one appetizer that I will dream about for a long time to come. Tarte Flambe - alsatian flatbread - so, so thin, with creme fraiche, carmelized onions, lardons, gruyere, fontina, and truffle oil with little bits of bresaola on top. To look at it you would think - where is all this stuff that’s supposed to be on it. But it’s there, so thin and every bite was an explosion of flavor. I need that in my life - every day. Then we shared a chocolate pudding cake for dessert. It was more like a mousse and it came with brown sugar ice cream and this raspberry crunch on top- maybe freeze dried pieces of raspberry?

One caveat - if you don’t like bees wait until after dark to go. They were all over and I have a phobia. At one point I had 4 or 5 circling my head. The server put some plastic ups over the top of our wine and that seemed to help, and as it got darker they did go away. We will be going back - after dark!! I will probably go and take out that tarte one day next week.


Love tarte flambée!!! Thanks for reporting back.

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