The Barley Mow (East Horseley, Surrey)

(June Pickering) #1

I know not too many Londoners venture down to the wilds of Surrey, but if you happen to be visiting Guildford or some of the beautiful National Trust places here, I can highly recommend this gastropub. Most days they serve
the best Thai food I’ve had in a very long time. We were so happy to find a place with authentic dishes and friendly service. Some meals, the regular gastropub, British food is also on offer, so check their website for days and the menu.


There are 2 pubs within 5 minutes walk of my work in London called The Barley Mow. I find this weird.

(June Pickering) #3

That is a bit strange. For me, as a Yank, it’s an odd name to begin with!


Agreed, but it is innocuous enough. I walked by The Cock yesterday and had a bit of a snicker.

(June Pickering) #5

I’d snicker, too.