The Bangkok W.Wyoming Ave, Melrose [MA]

The Bangkok is relatively new a small place you would drive and not think too much of and that would be a mistake. Only 6 two tops I’ve had no luck at dinner time, always jammed. Lunch has been my opportunity to eat in house vs food to go.
The Bun Thit Nuong - rice vermicelli with shredded lettuce, carrots, bean sprouts, scallions and ground peanut - was a plentiful bowl I chose to have with grilled lemongrass chicken appropriately caramelized and flavorful served with house made nuoc cham.
Also tried the Chicken Larb marked with one chili pepper - was packed with umami. My sinuses cleared by the time I finished lunch. 3rd visit sampled the tod man special - 3 shrimp curry cakes with a delicious cucumber sauce with a bowl of Tom Kha with chicken. Tasty soup with too large chunks of tomato, unable to detect the galangal and lemongrass the soup should contain.
The young woman working the front of the house was happy to talk as the lunch crowd dwindled. The owners are from an area of Thailand by the Vietnam border, hence the combo cuisine. In addition to the regular menu they have a GF menu swell as a menu in Thai for those interested in authentic cuisine. Prior to finding the Bangkok I’d go to Brighton’s Oak Square to Thai North where I always intend to order other things but would invariably end up choosing the Khao Soi.


Nice reports. Thanks.

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Good to know, thank you!

Nice place and nice writeup. I wish they would translate the Thai menu.

Huh, this sounds pretty promising.

Thanks for the report – seems promising!

Thailand doesn’t have a border with Vietnam though…wondering what they met by that.

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lol interesting way of saying you are from cambodia :upside_down_face:

What? I’m not from Cambodia and I’ve never been east of Warsaw, Poland, from the US. Please explain pasta.insight, why someone needs to be from Cambodia to know what countries border Thailand and Vietnam? I must be missing something!

I think the LOL was that if you say you are from an area of Thailand near the Vietnam border you must be from Cambodia (or Laos), as they are between Thailand and Vietnam?

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@Madrid, but have you been west of Los Angeles? (That is a joke)

Pasta.insight’s comment was a response to me about my comment about Thailand not having a border with Vietnam. The upside down smiley helped me interpret it as a joke.

Not sure how you got dragged into this.


@madrid Read up-thread. There is no border of Thailand and Vietnam but the owners kind of hinted that there was and @pasta.insight and @stephanie_t are trying to keep us honest. Maybe there is a different definition of borders for the locals. For example, South Korean food has definitely been influenced by China even though they don’t share a border.