The Bancroft, Burlington MA

We hit the PEM in Salem for the Patrick Kelly exhibit. His clothes, designs, attitude are just amazing.
The colors were outstanding, its there through November 3rd and worth the trip.
We then slogged through the 128/95 traffic to snag seats at the bar at The Bancroft in Burlington.
First time for me, although DH has been a couple of times.
I had a very respectable Tanguray and Tonic with lots of lime and he had the Hub Punch. A little sweet for me but on point for a steamy Sunday. Rum and Citrus and Sweet, served in its own bottle over ice with a sprig of mint.
From the app menu we ordered Baked Clams, Hamachi Crudo and Shrimp Cocktail to start.
The shrimp were big, fresh, cooked perfectly with a good cocktail sauce that include a bit of horseradish and zug on the side, both were much appreciated.
The baked clams had smoked bacon, romesco sauce and we squeezed a lot of lemon on them.
Really good, could of eaten more than the 3 served.
I had a bite of the Hamachi with watermelon. Very fresh but not my favorite and it was quickly devoured. I happily settled for the 5th shrimp.
Still a bit peckish we added the Caesar salad and Ipswich fried clams to the order, as well as a glass of red wine for me. (The Hub Punch bottle was about 2.5 glasses).
Both the salad and the clams were great, maybe a little more seasoning in the clam batter but really enjoyed the light batter and the salad just closed out the meal, with an anchovy no less.
It was a very enjoyable stop, bar staff were very attentive and on top of their game.


What an inspired pairing, especially given the distance between the PEM and the Bancroft. Thinking that following your lead here could make for a fun day.

I also remembered that the Webber Restaurant Group operates the Double Bull Taphouse in Peabody/Northshore Mall. That one is a casual concept with pub food. You’ve started me down a road of ideas. :grinning:


It was a nice day all the way around. And the A/C at both locations worked pretty well.
I think the Double Bull started out as a Bancroft but I didn’t realize it was the same group of owners.
The distance wasn’t too bad, straight down Rt 95/128 to Burlington.
Report back if you go to either PEM or the Bancroft.


Now that you mention it, I seem to recall the same. Our memories are excellent. Double Bull does occupy what was formerly a Bancroft location in Peabody.


Agreed-Excellent memories. :rofl: