The Baklava Lady Café, Englishtown [NJ]

I only found one mention of this place on the board… Has anyone been? I just saw it mentioned in an article and realized I had never heard of it.

Have not been, but plan on doing so. Will report back.

Yes, at Bell Works market. Vegan baklava at that :yum:

Ha! Will probably be at Bell Works tomorrow… Will look for her. Thx!

Check her social media for dates. She travels everywhere.

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Not at BellWorks today.

I just read her dad passed away and the shop will be closed for a bit.


Was there a while back in Englishtown store. Seems like a very nice alternative to having coffee and pastry then a “chain store”. Had Baklava to go …was very good , not overly sweet. The decor is very pleasant and Homey. Location has had difficulty keeping business. No real magnet store(s) to bring you to the area and the parking is not obvious. Good amount of parking but its behind the store.
I think its a great place for quality pastry and meeting friends.

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She expanded the menu periodically with Turkish meal specials and prides herself on family recipes. Being vegan, no honey in her baklava. I prefer a pronounced nut flavor over the syrupy sweetness.


My vegan brother’s one cheat food is honey. I guess that makes him “mostly vegan.” (Kinda like “mostly dead” for you Princess Bride fans.)

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I’m not vegan but I have always enjoyed vegan minded meals. In the case of baklava, I don’t miss the honey.

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Was here this sunday at around 12pm. Place seems to be doing very well. Purchased some very fresh well crafted pastry to go. Very pleasant staff. This Family run business is Just a real nice alternative to the franchise coffee shops.


Enjoyed another visit!


The semolina cake was interesting. The cake is an orange syrup soaked almost muffin like texture; very moist. The topping is the texture of a stale potato chip with a light rose fragrance and pistachio dusting. And in spite of this crazy descrip, I really enjoyed it. Her vegan take on baklava is much less sweet and dry/flakier which I prefer. The triangle pastry was a savory spinach snack. Equally tasty.

The hummus toast, currently replacing their avocado version, came with a nice side salad. My only complaint is olives used in a salad should always be pitted.

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