The Atlantic: Where Food Meets Art [Vespertine in Los Angeles]


“The menu started with color and form,” says chef Jordan Kahn of Los Angeles restaurant Vespertine, described on its website as a “gastronomical experience seeking to disrupt the course of the modern restaurant.” In a new video from The Atlantic, Kahn details his culinary inspiration—which started with the building itself. “I stood in front of the [building] for a solid 25 minutes,” he says. “That was the first time I’d ever been emotionally and physically moved by a piece of architecture.”

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I…I…you know, I have no freaking idea what to make of Kahn or his Vespertine.

There are a couple of lengthy threads on Food Talk Central:


discussing the build up to the restaurant, reviews from FTC members who went (including a “courtroom sketch” that’s brilliant), and media coverage.

I have come to the conclusion I’m not the intended audience: immersive theater just isn’t my thing.

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Immersive theatre and avant-garde and performance art can actually be fun and thought-provoking.

What isn’t fun or interesting is when an artist/craftsman gives long, detailed stories about the inspiration of a work, and the experience and emotions it is intended to invoke.

Dear Jordan, let the experience speak for itself. Trust yourself. :slight_smile: