The Atlantic: The Vindication of Cheese, Butter, and Full-Fat Milk A new study exonerates dairy fats as a cause of early death, even as low-fat products continue to be misperceived as healthier.


A new study this week in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is relevant to an ongoing vindication process for saturated fats, which turned many people away from dairy products such as whole milk, cheese, and butter in the 1980s and ’90s. An analysis of 2,907 adults found that people with higher and lower levels of dairy fats in their blood had the same rate of death during a 22-year period.


Long-term exposure to circulating phospholipid pentadecanoic, heptadecanoic, or trans-palmitoleic acids was not significantly associated with total mortality or incident CVD among older adults. High circulating heptadecanoic acid was inversely associated with CVD and stroke mortality and potentially associated with higher risk of non-CVD death.

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Oy. The Atlantic finally catches up with the meaning of “natural” foods?

True misinformation and worse yet conflicting information study after study still comes down to listening to our own body telling us IF milk or dairy products are not agreeing with us.

It won’t be the last time we read stuff like this, nothing being absolute defines the need to know thy self.

Not all full fat is created equal either. Being a guinea pig to brand can be a costly experience…

I enjoy milk products but not to the exclusion of nut or veg milks making rounds.

Choice be your guide.

Crap, so my plan to shorten my lifespan by slowly overdosing on cheese isn’t going to work?