The Apple Picking Apocalypse of Upstate New York

After all the rainy weather we’ve experienced on the weekends, this New York Times article caught my eye (gift link): The Apple Picking Apocalypse of Upstate New York

Pick your own apple season was largely rained out. Tough break for the farmers, that’s for sure.

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Thanks for the gift link!

Globally, weather derivatives may get crazy while we still think of these events as surprises instead of a new normal, and maybe they will help smaller businesses like these pick-your-own orchards get some kind of insurance against failed crops (such as it is - it’s not really the crop that failed so much as the tourist aspect…). I think they are smart to hedge their bets the way they are doing, though - setting up for concerts, distilleries, whatever. Further diversifying away from outdoors entertainment, I guess.

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