"The Apologist" - Jay Rayner

I’ve only just round to reading Rayner’s 2014 novel. It’s quite a good satire - amusing, rather than “piss yourself by laughing too much”.

Our hero, Marc Bisset, is a restaurant critic (well, there’s a surprise!). The book opens with a chef Bisset has recently reviewed very negatively, committing suicide. Bisset apologies to the man’s family and realises apology is good for the soul. This develops into him becoming Chief Apologist for the United Nations. But, don’t worry - amongst Rayner’s lefty credentials, food is never far away.


I believe you mean 2004. But otherwise, I agree with your review! (I had to look up the date because I remember reading it much longer than 4 years ago, although time flies regardless.) it’s good fun, though.

No - I mean 2014, which is the publication year in the book.

I saw both dates, 2004 is the first publishing date, 2014 published under another publishing house.

Thanks for the recommendation, looks like an interesting book I will put on my reading list.

That explains it.