The 6 Best Places to Eat in Philly Right Now.

Only been to Bing and Brigantessa… thoughts on the other places, anyone?

I’m a fan of Bing-Bing and Brigantessa. I’ve been to Neuf and Laurel. I liked Neuf enough that I will go back. Laurel was outstanding, and will definitely being going back, but it’s a tough reservation. I imagine that after LeBan’s 3-Bell review for Hungry Pigeon, they’ll be slammed for a while.

I’ve been to all the places on that list and the only one I’ve returned to is Hungry Pigeon. If you haven’t been there, go for breakfast and get their breakfast sandwich and some pastries to go. Kensington Quarters is a place I might return to if I lived closer, I did really like their lasagna the one time I was there.