The 50/50 Bar…

As a kid, one of my favorite confections from the local ice cream truck was the 50/50 bar (in this case the orange/vanilla one). Admittedly, my palette back then was not what it is now regarding my expectation of vanilla ice cream or orange sorbet/popsicle coating.

I suppose I could just serve up my fav vanilla ice cream and orange sorbet/sherbet (don’t really have a fav orange product there), so just wondering if any of you have thrown together a concoction that represents this once iconic ice cream bar.


The Creamsicle! I loved these as a kid too. I’ve never attempted to recreate it myself, but I have had several “inspired by” drinks and desserts in restaurants over the years. Creamsicle martini (vanilla ice cream, OJ and vodka or similar) and a memorable Creamsicle crepe cake - 20 or thirty thin vanilla crepe layers filled with orange-infused cream and syrup. An orange soda float also mimics the flavor profile.


Never had a 50/50; but I sure loved pushup bars when I was wee. Orangy goodness.

Creamsicle crepe cake. LOVE the sound of that.

LOVED the Creamsicle, when I was a little bit older, and could no longer get the spicy hot cinnamon popsicle from my dealer! :joy_cat:


I like them creamsicles that is but from the truck it was a Toasted almond bar that was my 2nd fav. Fav was & is the ice cream sandwich-- but has to be genuine Good Humor or Hershey’s. I bought a store brand recently & they were insipid.


There’s an. ice cream shop here that has a creamsicle flavor that tastes pretty much like this mixture would - so good!

Local ice cream shop made a “creamsicle” with blood orange and creme soda vanilla pudding filling.

That was one good sh!t ice cream bar.


I have hagen daaz chocolate in the freezer along with a box of drumsticks, chocolate and vanilla. I can’t bring myself to eat either. Maybe it’s because I just know they are there . It’s been a month.

I’ve not found a good ice cream sandwich in years, but for the toasted almond bar I can’t recommend this Haagen Dazs Bar highly enough!


Dang! That sounds sublime.

Absolutely, it’s the best out there IMO, and dangerous to have in the house! LOVE them!

I liked the Creamsicle too but my absolute favorite at the roller skating rink was the strawberry shortcake ice cream bar on a stick . Sooo good. Of course when I tried one 30 years later it was absolute junk. But then what else is new.