The 411 on Three 1 One [Boston, South End]

Splurged on the omakase experience at Three 1 One this evening, and wow! I’m still processing what I ate, but overall I am blown away by the quality of the food. From the decor and atmosphere, to the selection and presentation of the food, everything from the increase in the waiting area to the seating was clearly intentional and mericulously planned.

It’s an 18 course omakase, with 9 “appetizers” and 9 more ‘classic’ nigiri sushi servings. I put quotes on the classic, only because this isn’t just a cut of fish on rice. Each now is hand created in front by the chef, brushed with house made sauce, and delivered to you by hand - what you would expect from a high end omakase experience. This is a deliberately paced meal where you can admire food with your eyes, nose and taste buds as it’s delivered to you. My 5:30 seating ended at 8pm. They have 2 seasons per day, the other being an 8:30pm seating.

Most of the ingredients are from Tokyo/Japan, and of the highest quality. They pretty show you all the fish sliced and ready for the nigiri, so you can admire its quality (and precision cutting!). The host introduces name if the dishes, and tells you some interesting notes about some of the ingredients and its sourcing. One a breaking news note, they just got their liquor license and now offer sake and wine in house. For those who had wine, the hostess brings by a set of beautiful sake glasses that you can choose for the evening. They all looked so pretty! I don’t drink, but I almost wanted to order something just so I could use a pretty glass cup too. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Yes, this is Expensive (capital E!), but I think it’s worth it if you want a truly special meal. I hate the value question on tasting meals like this, because the pricing obviously isn’t just the cost of the food. No, I did not leave hungry, but no I wasn’t stuffed to the gills either. I also really loved the intimacy of the space (10 seats only), so you get to watch the chefs work. I have pictures that I’ll share as a follow up in this thread, once I sort through them.


Hat-tip to your post title, sir.

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Here are the pictures. Will post the menu so I don’t mangle the dishes/ingredients. And oops, it’s 6 appetizers, because we got two desserts. :grin:

I don’t have pictures of two of the dishes - the hotate and the temaki hand roll - because these were prepared, wrapped in nori and handed directly to us. Couldn’t really take the photo with one hand.

The highest grade of Hokkaido uni you can buy. This stuff is unbelievably creamy! Unreal and so delicious.

It’s just miso soup with teeny mushrooms. Delicious but the soup isn’t pretty to look at. :smirk:

Small slice of regular cheesecake, not the fluffy kind. Good tangy cream cheese flavor.

Yuzu sorbet with freshly grated wasabi. Sooo good!


Exquisite knife work.

Thanks for sharing.

Masa taught Chen well.

Everything looks beautiful. Thanks for letting me live through you.