The 2023 and onwards [Stratford, Ontario] thread

The 2022 southwestern Ontario Thread that included Stratford posts is a little outdated and overly broad.

The Newly Opened

Bake My Day
This space changes over a lot. New bakery. It has been a tapas place and burger place in the past.


Full House is a new European restaurant near Rheo Thompson with a few Bulgarian items on the menu.

I still haven’t tried Braii House, which is on my wishlist. It’s been open a few years.

The Closed (unfortunately)
AO Pasta sadly closed recently. I had visited a few weeks ago. This sign was posted yesterday:

Sirkel Foods’ door has been locked and it has looked closed the last 2 times I visited Stratford.


I wanted to get take-out from Mercer Inn, but they no longer offer take-out. The Mercer Inn has a patio.

We decided to get take-out from The Hub. Nice people running it. It’s okay.

Nice rooftop patio that I have not tried, as well as a sidewalk patio.
Perch tacos were okay, pulled pork grilled cheese was better than the perch tacos. I haven’t figured out where to get better take-out in Stratford yet.

View of the Hub rooftop patio.


We ate at Braai House last year. My mocktail (Black Hole Sun) was the standout of the meal for me - possibly the best cocktail/mocktail I’ve ever had. The rest of the meal was kind of ‘meh’ and not worth the price. Service was poor (they were clearly short-staffed, so I get it) and two of the menu items I’d planned to order were sold out even though we were eating early in the evening after a matinee. YMMV, but we regretted not going to Bijou, where we have reliably good meals and service.

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Thanks for your thoughts on Braii. I’m sorry to hear your meal was meh. It happens too often in Stratford.

I like Bijou. I haven’t been since 2019, since it hasn’t been open or offering takeout when I’ve been in Stratford. I only dine outdoors, so I’ve been limited to restaurants with takeout or patios since 2020.

I’ve probably dined at Bijou around 10 times since it opened.

We enjoyed a few meals at The Common in 2019. I haven’t been back , only because it hasn’t been open when I’ve been in Stratford. Mary Woolf, who ran Woolfy’s and Little Red’s in St Mary’s with her husband, was working there the last time I visited in 2019.

New Japanese take-out place from a mini-chain with locations also in Guelph and Cambridge:


The owners of The Prune have put their building up for sale, and will be operating out of the Stratford Chefs School (near Mercer Kitchen) for the summer season.

The Stratford Sunday Market, formerly known as the Perth County Slow Food Market, has a Strawberry Social taking place in the main square on Sunday, June 18th.


Enjoyed a quick lunch in Stratford today of two tacos - one chicken, one beef - at El Cactus Taco Shop, total cost was $15 + tax. Salsas and cremas tasted fresh but I could have used a little more heat.

I wouldn’t recommend going out of the way to eat here, but it’s a nice option when in the neighbourhood.