The 2016 Hater's Guide To the Williams -Sonoma Catalog

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I saw this earlier. Loved it!

That caramel apple looks yummy! I asked the same question, to serve 16?! They must be for kids.

Years ago, Rosie O’Donnell featured these on her show. She raved about them and gave them as gifts. They are immense - each apple is at least 6" i9 diameter. Like a typical acorn squash or cantaloupe. Since it’s considered candy, a serving is the size of a quarter of a regular apple.

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WS sold a “Willi” cake years ago via their holiday catalog … Available in two sizes, the larger cake/tort was intended to serve 16 and so the larger size was ordered. What arrived was a miniscule cake that made an embarrassingly paltry presentation.
It did however end up serving 18 of us, anymore than a sliver could kill … It was very delicious, dense and chocolate. I think it may have been renamed, this is very similar if not exactly the same