The 2016 Crawfish thread - Houston

The Press proclaims that due to the warm winter, it’s already time …

so there are their picks for dishes, but anybody seen live ones yet worth taking home to dinner?

Should you suck the heads? And what are you sucking? Press video from BB’s in the Heights

Yup. I do.

Houstonia Mag’s Picks from Last Year:


Mom and I did a couple of crawfish crawls last year where we would hit two or three places in an afternoon.

I liked 88 Boiling on Wilcrest and Briar Forest and BB’s Cafe the best.

Ragin’ Cajun and LA Crawfish were middle of the pack and we didn’t like Hanks at all.

Haven’t had any this year yet…but we’re talking about it.

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Thanks for suggesting BB’s Café. We went for Po Boys but there were lots of people eating crawfish. We went to a crawfish boil the day afterwards with 150 pounds of crawfish!

Crawfish $4.99 lb at Orleans Kitchen in Katy on April 28th. They say it’s their 8th Anniversary Party. Bons temps rouler, y’all.

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