Thanksgiving out on South Shore (MA)?

I know this is kind of late to be thinking about this but with my father now in assisted living and me an hour away I think going out is the best solution for Thanksgiving. (Hard to transport a whole dinner and serve in his little apartment with only a microwave.) Any suggestions? Everything I think of appears to be closed.

I know the Coonamessett Inn in Falmouth has Thanksgiving. That may be a bit too far though.

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I’ve never been there, but the Barker Tavern in Scituate Harbor does Thanksgiving.

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Sadly Barker Tavern is not doing Thanksgiving this year.

Falmouth is a bit far but thanks for the suggestion.

I have made a reservation at Atlantica in Cohasset if worst comes to worst and I can’t find anything else, but in my limited experience it’s not very good. Nice view and comfortable dining room though. But at least I can stop panicking. :slight_smile:

Another suggestion (and with better food), is Scarlett Oak Tavern in Hingham.

Great suggestion jpcat, thanks. They don’t have availability on Open Table but worth a call later when they open and if nothing else, an idea for another time – we have not been there. Atlantica is definitely a case of better than nothing.

Scarlett Oak is a solid place. Never had Thanksgiving there, but dinner and brunch have always been good.

Siros at Marina Bay does a great Thanksgiving dinner. Good parking and good bar service too.