Thankful for the Hungry Onion community

When I was younger, I really liked the idea of going around the table before Thanksgiving dinner and saying what we were grateful for. Every time I suggested it, my mother shot it down as “dumb”. Oh well. So I would now like to say that I am so grateful for the Hungry Onion community. You are a source of inspiration, humor, education, and help for me, and I am happy to be a part of it. Have a great holiday season.




Ditto also :clinking_glasses: CHEERS .!!!


You expressed it well, and I feel the same. A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Oh and of course, as I meant to say, Happy Turkey Day USA to HO’s near and far.


Same here! Very grateful for this community and all those who add their knowledge to it.


During the recent months, when life was often bleak and joyless, one of the few things that I looked forward to was logging onto HO. We who participate in food forums may be dinosaurs, but I think we’re happy dinosaurs. I cherish how we are get through rough patches and celebrate good ones together which I think is rare in this day and age. I’m so grateful for all of you, even the cantankerous ones. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edited to add: “the cantankerous ones (of which I count myself)!”


Okay, I want to change my answer, or at least add to it. I am especially thankful to this forum where people take the time to write thoughtfully.


The communion with HO’s many exceptional personalities, as real as any in off-line life, is a cherished gift. Thank you, HO


Seeing this WAY after Turkey Day 2021, but the sentiment still holds throughout the year.

HO was a welcome refuge after the debacle at CH. I enjoy the thoughtful posts, the silly posts like the food humor threads, the encouraging welcomes that long-time members give to new members, that many gather in person to celebrate our mutual love of food (or did before the infernal cootie virus struck!), that we watch food shows together and then dissect each episode ad nauseum (although I’ve been very remiss and have dropped out of that particular activity - not even watching Top Chef anymore!), the ideas we share and can get from each other when questions are thrown out to the hive group.

But most of all, I love the fact that despite all appearances to the contrary, @NotJrvedivici still believes he’ll get his own HO board. :wink: (ETA: Of course, having said that, someone’s going to give him his own board just to say nyeah, nyeah to me, right? :rofl: )

So yeah - thankful for this group as a respite from the world around us, and thanks to @hungryonion for creating it for us.


Yes, you hit the nail on the head! Writing thoughtfully is a lost art, and I so appreciate the time people put into their posts. Thank you all!




I know. I stopped watching during " *Top Chef: All-Stars L.A." (Season 17) as the pandemic started and I grew totally disinterested with almost all television, and I never got back in to it. I do know who won the All-Stars. I know I could watch Season 18 on Bravo again (and I’ve not read that HO thread, so I don’t know who won!) and Season 19 will start airing some time this year. So there’s hope for me yet. LOL


When I want to chill, I watch Kenji López-Alt and Jacques Pépin on YouTube, as well as Chef John…

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