Thank you, fishermen/women

I’m sure many Boston Onions know the story already. I posted it on the Thanksgiving leftovers thread but felt it deserved its own thread. In a sad year, I’m even more sad.

“We also mourned the loss of 4 Maine fishermen off Provincetown when we ate the fish. ETA in italics: It’s a profession that’s as dangerous as hell. A labor of love / family / obligation. And we thank them for going out, day after day, risking their lives for our culinary enjoyment.”


That is sad to hear. Sounds like they were full and heading back. Can’t help but think of the movie The Perfect Storm…


Thank you for posting this @digga. In a very sad year this is a cause for special grief as their profession is so vital and yet unavoidably so high risk.


I echo what Digga said. A terribly dangerous occupation and we so often forget the risks they routinely take for us.


Thank you for posting @digga; I relate to this in a personal way, as my brother was a commercial fisherman in Alaska, in the Bering Sea. The big harvest was King crab, under treacherous winter conditions, but they also went out for salmon and herring, among other things. He had many close calls, but fortunately, he left the industry, and is happily alive and living in Fairbanks, Alaska. The physical strenuousness, did take a toll on his body, however.

I never enjoy wild caught seafood without thinking of the lives risked, or hardships endured. In my little town, historically, it was a fishing community, and we have suffered losses here. There’s a fisherman’s memorial on a dock downtown, along with a tradition of the blessing of the fleet, when they first go out every season.

I’ve never been able to watch Deadliest Catch, as it scares me too much! My friend has relatives who are in that show too…


Thank you fisherman coast to coast and the rest of the world.