thank you and all members

So sorry but I do get carried away sometimes and I apologized when I did. Also, posting in the wrong thread which you had kindly moved for me. I happen to know I am correct as it was part of my job prior to retiring to treat patients who have respiratory insufficiency from whatever etiology, and I do have a niece who is director of FSIS, working closely with CDC.

. Aware of potential fatalities although rare ( even botox injection from small amount of botulism can be fatal if the meds travel to other part of the body which can be fatal ) , I felt, I should point that out. I am very careful never to buy garlic that comes from China as I heard they use nightsoil for fertilizing their garlic as well as spray their garlic with chemical ( to make them look white) and toxin. I only buy Christopher Ranch Garlic from Costco since I use a ton of garlic in my cooking… Perhaps, you can start a new forum to make people aware of the danger of these Chinese Garlic as they supply 75% of garlic in the US.

At 76 ( next few weeks), cataract , arthritis with ulnar dystrophy ( failed ulna nerve transposition), I am at a disadvantage with spelling mistakes etc. esp when my 2 poms are at my side constantly, who think they are computer whiz. However, I do enjoy reading all the forums and post if I do not forget to take pictures. I have learned so much from your members, and am very grateful to you all.

However, I am not used to people being nasty in my profession as we respect each other, esp. at a stage when I am quite vulnerable. I will give joining in discussion a break but am still reading all member’s notes.

If any of you ever are in my area, feel free to visit. I pride myself with a fairly well equipped kitchen for anyone who likes to cook ( On the shore of the the Pax River) . We will always have seafood from our dock.


I’m truly sorry you had this experience. I’m glad you will still be reading and hope you will post again! We want this to be a welcoming place for lively discussion and even differing opinions with no room for nasty comments. Again, I’m very sorry!


I don’t know what has happened as I don’t read every single thread or post. Take a break if you must otherwise stay on the cooking threads. If you have time and energy to cook just post as usual on those threads. Don’t take things people online say personally, really.


(I find it hard to type one-handed since the Circus Cat seldom leaves my lap. Since he has balance issues I have to stabilize him with my other hand.)

I never let grammar, spelling or nontraditional phrasing bother me. I’m interested in content and willing to puzzle out the meaning if it is not initially clear to me. I feel most of those who spend time on HO are of a similar mind. While we come from varied backgrounds, education levels, country of origin we gather together in the wonderful common ground of food!

I hope you decide to remain a valued contributor. (Oops, Circus Cat just awoke and is falling down in his attempts to claim my lap - so I end this quickly by saying) I get a lot from your posts, enjoy reading about your life and meals and will would miss them.


I don’t contribute as much as I’d like, @ccj, but am an avid site reader.

Please know your contributions to the WFD thread are completely savored. I have learned so much from what you share: the photos, the cooking process, ingredients (and selecting ingredients, and preparing them, and storing them, too!) - and I love your stories of your guests, your son and his friends, and your poms!

I am sorry for whatever happened that has led to you making this decision, yet heartened that you’ll still be here and be reading; please, when you’re ready and comfortable, step back in. You - and your voice - will be missed in the meantime.


I believe you should know after much discussion and agreement between the moderators the offenders account has been suspended and will be terminated. I’m not posting the offenders name, nor do o believe anyone else should, pointing fingers just adds insult to injury at this point.

I’m posting this so you and everyone reading this knows we have your back and we will NOT tolerate bullying or berating of members. This is to be an environment open to all opinions and ideas, we might not always agree, but we should never belittle someone for their opposing views.

Please continue to participate at whatever level you feel comfortable but please know we have your back, yours and everyone’s who reads this.

If in the future you or anyone feels a members behavior is inappropriate please feel free to contact myself or the appropriate moderator for the board. Even if I am not the proper moderator I still welcome your reaching out to me if you feel something is inappropriate and requires attention.

My sincerest apologies that you even had to make this post, trust again the proper actions are being taken.

Bob /Notjrvedivici


The mods on this site are really striving to eliminate bullying. I will echo @NotJrvedivici --even if I am not the mod for a given thread, reach out and I’ll make sure the correct mod is made aware of any situation.


Something about a verbal outbreak between the ccj and the sheriff in town. (i forgot who said it, but it was funny). The whole argument has been deleted now.

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@ccj, I want to echo what the others here are saying. Hope that you will continue to grace us with your posts if and when you like. Entirely up to you, of course! All the best.


The details of what happened are really not important, what is important is the commitment by the ownership of the site, administered through the volunteer moderators is to maintain a friendly and RESPECTFUL community.

If someone / anyone crosses a line too frequently it will be addressed and appropriate measures will be taken to ensure the community is never over run by those who “don’t play well with others”.

Kudos to @sck for allowing what I consider to be an appropriate response to an unfortunate situation.