Thai Thai [Old Bridge, NJ]

Thai Thai is reverting to their original schedule and will be closed on Mondays.

I recommend the Yum Ped Yarng (Duck Salad) and the Beef with Asparagus.

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I’ve had take out lunches from here several times over the years and have always enjoyed them.

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Reviewed Thai Thai a couple of years ago (you can read it here). Gave them 4 out of 5. Just too far of a drive and with Kunya so much closer, I never went back.

Whereas for us, it’s less than three miles away, and right across the street from the library, a frequent stop for us.

(For some reason GoogleMaps directs us to drive further west on Route 516 and make a U-turn at the Route 9 intersection! They must think Route 516 is a divided highway, but in any case, turning left at the traffic light right before it takes you to the side entrance of the parking lot anyway. Proof that routing software cannot be trusted!)

(BTW, the Beef with Asparagus is Nua Nam Mun Hoy.)


We went to Thai Thai yesterday as part of our post-pandemic “hit all our favorite restaurants” tour. Food is the same, but the prices on the lunch menu have gone up by a dollar or two a dish, and when you ask for water you get bottled water (which is listed on the menu as $2, but we got charged only $1) instead of plain tap water. Still good, and I suppose we will have to get used to post-pandemic pricing in general, but still worth noting. (No one else has the spicy duck salad [Yum Ped Yarng] I like, or the Beef with Asparagus, so I’m sort of committed to Thai Thai.)

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