Thai street food and hole in the walls, Bangkok et. al.

Vegetables boiled to death! LOL!
I love the dish and the name. I think half of the Thai dishes I love the most are Chinese influenced in one way or another.
Silly question because it probably is answered, “it depends” but do you normally eat kaffir leaves or leave them on the plate or bowl? The soft, well cooked ones I eat, though even they are really potent even after cooking.
The harder, rawer ones I leave.
I do the same with ginger root or is the Asian ginger root called galangal?
I very seldom eat any lemongrass.


Reminds me of cooked curry leaves. Indians push them as but I eat them. Green. Fiber.

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I don’t eat raw kaffir lime leaves. They are used in cooking and then most likely kept in the dish for decoration: I do the same with bay leaves in European cooking. If you shred them very finely perhaps you could eat them, but don’t feel pressured to eat anything you don’t fancy.

Galangal the same, too hard.

Lemongrass is somewhat different. Yes, it’s hard but if you want and slice them finely you can eat it, but up to you if you want to. I remember this meal I had at Be Man in Da Nang, Vietnam. A plate of clams came with an enormous amount of sliced lemongrass - so, probably not meant as decoration. I think I ate less than half of the sliced lemongrass. See the pics!


The South East Asian coffee with condensed milk is truly wonderful! :slight_smile: Hope you are able to find it again.

In Bangkok a month ago I would get (ice) coffee with condensed milk out on the streets from street vendors. I didn’t even need to ask for the addition of condensed milk, I would just get it. No sprinkle of spice mix though. The ice coffee they would just make with regular hot coffee, and then add to a cup with ice cubes. Really delicious, and less than 1 euro for a big cup.

Then the last few days of my stay I went for breakfast at my hotel, and when asking for ‘local Thai coffee with condensed milk’ they would just give me regular coffee with a glass on the side containing condensed milk. Not a good solution. The servers were mostly Thai so they would know their local coffee, but perhaps they didn’t think I would like that!

By the way, the coffee was the only disappointing thing at breakfast in that hotel (Okura) - that breakfast was the best I have ever experienced in any hotel around the world. From sushi to a dedicated yakitori/satay stall, and from homemade fresh French pastry desserts to Thai noodle soup.

Coffee with condensed milk is also outstanding in Singapore. And yes, Vietnam is a whole different ball game, with additions of fresh coconut milk and so on.

And now back at home in Europe I continue to only drink espresso! :slight_smile:


Perfectly fine to ask, rather than live with a misconception! :blush::ok_hand:t2:
Kaffir leaves are not meant to be eaten. Just like lemongrass & galangal, it’s there to lend its scent and flavour, to be discarded afterwards.


I visited the Soi 88 Night Market in Hua Hin twice, very good seafood. Steamed grouper the first visit, then steamed snapper (?) W fried Thai vegies the next time. Som Tam w crab was outstanding. I really am not sure what fish they were but they were not all that meaty. It was like when you get a large crab but it is light with little meat inside. Good bit i wanted more fish. I would imagine you can get the bigger fish if you ask for, and then pay for them but i did not think of that in time.

Went to Tamarind Market for Hor Tod oyster pancake, good not great.

The Sai Hoa was the mealy kind, not the meaty lemon-grassy kind, disappointing.

Then i had Norwegian fish and chips which were really good as well. He had mushy peas which is a favorite of mine. Tartar sauce had that hint of dill and ? that makes me think Norwegian/Swedish food. The chips were fried to perfection. Love them with tartar sauce.
A big Norwegian dude runs the place. I think it is called Siam Viking, Quite appropriate. Given the name of the cafe and his appearance, I know what his wife wants him to dress up as on Halloween. LOL!

I felt like an old man on Ko Tao amongst all the youmg people but i was a youngster in Hua Hin. LOL!
I stayed at Loligo on south beach, kind of nice.

Heading back to Bangkok, then off to Athens in a few days. Looks like Crete is warming up and the rain is tapering off. Outstanding. 60 degrees and cloudy will make a nice change.
Where I got this fish is a mystery. But I love the light flavor of those fried green leafs. The cashews added a texture/flavor contrast that really enhanced the dish.


Thanks as always for taking the time to report! Safe travels!!