Thai Square in Arlington - Report

Thai Square right now may very well be better than ever. Despite being hemmed in by new development, it’s still in the same location and still delivers what may be the best Thai food in the area. My meal was a 10 out of 10. We had:

Yum pla dook foo is a big pile of crispy threads of catfish, though you might not know by the look or taste. It is a masterpiece of texture. Served like a salad with the dressing on the side. Lots of peanuts, red onion, lettuce, and galangal.

The fried chive dumplings are unusual here. Like a sheet pan of chives and rice flour dough had been cut up into cubes and lightly browned. Great texture and flavor. Served with a thick sauce for dipping.

A large serving of their tom kha gai is served in a heated serving pot. It is deeply creamy. Best in show.

I will go back soon.


I’m glad it is better now. I stopped by a couple of years ago during the pandemic and it wasn’t as good as previous visits.