Thai near Marlboro?

Any suggestions?
Beyond Bangkok Bistro? Or thoughts of Thai Shangri-La?

How near? One of my favorite thai restaurants is in Highland Park right up rt 18, called Pad Thai.

Thai Thai in Ol Bridge is pretty good.

I’ll second Thai Thai. Siam Smile in Matawan also has its adherents.

I’ll third on Thai Thai. Not my favorite, but quality Thai food.

Are we talking HO-down here? :slight_smile: (Not offering to organize one, just suggesting.)

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THanks for the recommendations.
Ended up going to Pad-Thai, up in Highland Park. Wanted to try something different and not as close to home without significant travel.
Impressed with a very significant and large menu! and lots of pictures that illustrate what it looks like!
Overall was good, not great.
Tom Yum Puck Ruamit soup - basic broth with mixed vegetables - this we liked a lot!.
pad-thai (of course!), but the vegetarian one, since wife doesn’t eat shellfish or meat out.
mixed vegetables with tofu and peanut sauce
fish with basil - was good, but not a lot of fish, lots of “fry” around the fish.
and one other that I forget.
We had plenty to bring back for lunch tomorrow (today),

Thanks again for the recommendation, but probably will stick closer to home for Thai next time.


Has anyone been to Bangkok House in Eatontown? A friend who once lived in Thailand swears it’s the best in the area.

ETA that my go-to for Thai is Siam Basil in Sea Girt

I am so sorry you didn’t enjoy Pad Thai. It sucks to drive all that way and be disappointed.

Despite their name I’ve only had pad thai there once in more than 100 visits. Their thai fried rice with chinese sausage with no onion and add pineapple may be my favorite fried rice anywhere. Throw in a dish of jumbo shrimp and avocado with Penang curry and I am a happy man.

I have not but seem to remember a rather positive write up in the times a While back

At Bangkok House we enjoyed the cold dishes but found the hot preparations too oily.

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