Thai food roundup - Camberville, Arlington

Just wondering what everyone’s favorites are these days.

Cha Yen in Watertown is, of course, our favorite. But it’s not possible for a quick meal from Somerville.

We settle for Lemon Thai which is around the corner on Highland Ave in Somerville in those cases- serviceable if we stick to our usual order and easy to pick up from or get delivered.

While I like Rod Dee in Porter, I don’t love it and the value to me is not there. I’ve also had some things from them which I really disliked.

I really like Thai Moon in Arlington, and find that their spice level is a bit higher than most without making special requests. They are, alas, also outside our delivery area.

I just noticed Thana Thai Kitchen, also in Arlington got best Thai, or some such distinction in Best of Boston recently. I’ve never been there- would appreciate anyone’s opinion.

Sugar & Spice on Mass Ave north of Porter is awful.

What is your usual order?

Have you tried Sweet Ginger in Union Square? I haven’t but the Thai food at Thana Thai Kitchen in Arlington was surprisingly good. I actually would love to make it a regular in our rotation. No delivery to Somerville.

Chicken pad thai
Pad Kee Mao (prefer drunken noodle, but too spicy for the sprouts)
Tofu green curry
Chicken madness w brown rice (a pik kra pow type of dish with lots of chopped green beans)

IMHO, S&I Thai (a.k.a. S&I To Go) in Allston is the most authentic and interesting Thai to be found in Boston (I know, Allston isn’t strictly “Camberville, Arlington” but they do deliver to at least some parts of Cambridge…) – see especially the “Authentic Specialties” section of their menu. I think there are also some dishes pictured on their walls which aren’t in the online menu, but some of the pictures are labeled only in Thai so I can’t be sure (most of what I’ve ordered off the walls has eventually found its way to the menu). Not a fancy place by any stretch, but if you like Cha Yen with its more authentic flavors than most of the AmeriThai food to be found around these parts, I suspect you’ll also like S&I.

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I find S+I Thai to be quite good, but every once in a while I have a not-so-good dish there. I’d really love it if they, along with so many Chinese and Southeast Asian restaurants, would stop using tilapia and offer something, anything better. SO much local fish, at comparable prices. Tired of the muddiness. In that area, it’s worth it to go up to Dok Bua.

I, too, find some of the dishes at Rod Dee to be delicious, appropriately sour and spiced. Agreed on Sugar + Spice (vote no) Lemon Thai (thumbs up).

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Our standby in Arlington is Sweet Chili on Mass Ave.

I had lunch there about 6 weeks ago, not having been since we moved away from Belmont into Somerville, and was very disappointed. I remember the food as being delicious and fresh. This lunch was just so mediocre I have not really wanted to return.

Yes, I really like Dok Bua and we often order from them to eat with friends in Brookline. Maybe next time we’ll try S&I. There’s such a wealth of options in that area. Khao Sarn probably introduced me to Thai back in the day and I still have a fond place in my heart for some of their food.

Got our regular order from S&I last night. Pad Ga Pow (spicy ground pork w/brown rice), basil pad Thai, chicken satay, fresh rolls. Great stuff as usual, and leftovers for lunch!

We were in S&I one night later enjoying our usuals: pad ga pow moo krob (we really love crispy pork belly), duck larb, and spicy eggplant (which is where we put the ground pork). Excellent as always.

I’m also a fan of Rod Dee in Porter for one set of their dishes, Cha Yen for a different set, and Dok Bua for yet another. And sometimes I just want Thai North’s khao soi, gaeng hang ley, and miang kam enough to make that trip. It’s really more about “which Thai dishes do I want tonight?” than which is my favorite Thai restaurant.

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I used to be a regular at Sweet Chili and enjoyed their food for years. Had some less than stellar experiences for a while and hadn’t been in a long time. I got Massaman curry for lunch the other day and it was really terrible. Watery sauce, tasteless and underseasoned, huge chunks of undercooked potatoes. Thana Thai Kitchen is just about the best Thai food I can remember having. I feel bad about Sweet Chili, but their quality has really slipped.

Well, I am sorry that it wasn’t just me. Guess I will have to travel out to Thana. Thanks for the confirmation.

According to the Arlington Patch, Sweet Chili is going out and there’s a victualler license meeting tonight for an outfit called The Noodle Market to go into the space. Sounds like another Thai place. Really used to like Sweet Chili, but so it goes.

“used” to is the operative word. Ate there a couple of months ago, and it was less special than food court food. Can you tell if it is the same owners rebranding, or an actually new restaurant?

No idea.