Texas Sommelier tries to pair wine with Whataburger

Okay, so its probably just a promo for a new burger…

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I had a mushroom swiss burger for breakfast this morning. While not a cheese on burger guy it was very good.

I added jalapenos for taste and texture knowing that they are maybe a .05 on the scoville scale.

Wine pairing? I think a first growth French Bordeaux such as Chateau La Tour would work quite well.

First growth Bordeaux are great with everything.

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I get the junior burger for breakfast on occasion, I just don’t like breakfast foods much so appreciate they fix burgers all the time. Otherwise, I’ll get a sausage on a bun breakfast, add jalapenos, no egg. They pile on so many jalapenos that it exceeds .05.

Breakfast on a Bun Ranchero I think it used to be called. Back when I was working I hit fast food places for brekkie probably at least 3 ti a week; I liked variety so I hit them all. That sandwich at Whataburger was about all I ever got there. It was the only fast food breakfast offering that had any heat, as I recall. I don’t remember ever trying their taquitos. Maybe they didn’t have them???

I’'m okay with ‘breakfast food.’ Can’t recall ever wanting a burger for breakfast but I’m glad they’re available.

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