Texas Roadhouse (Holmdel Location)

One of the reasons I have not been to a Texas Roadhouse in years. Never had a problem with food, but two straight visits of relentless pestering by the waitress if we wanted another drink thoroughly annoyed me. I think I was two sips into my beer and there was, “Would you like another?” This continued throughout the night. It’s a shame because this Holmdel location is a minute from where I live.


I concur on their pandemic family deals and their safe practices. I did curbside pick up a few times and was happy with each order.

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Well, we went to the Texas Roadhouse in Parlin for my birthday dinner (actually, lunch) yesterday and it will almost definitely be our last visit. Due to mobility/health issues, we don’t eat out very much, but in addition my baked potato was gritty, indicating not very good washing, and it was way too noisy. (Mark’s Parkinson’s has made his voice much quieter, and I could often not hear what he was saying.)

With Chinese and BBQ restaurants, take-out is an option, but I can’t see how taking out a steak is really going to work. :slight_smile:

I haven’t been to a Texas Roadhouse other than my local one here in Colorado, but noise has always been my main complaint. It’s just too damned loud to enjoy a meal.

This seems to be a problem with almost all the chains. When I think about the one-off, family-owned restaurants we go to, they’re all much quieter.

We stopped in at this location a few weeks ago for a quick drink since its close to the house. And quick it was: I had a Jack Daniel’s on the rocks (I didn’t think that was a martini kind of place) that was such a small pour that it would not have gotten an infant drunk. I think it was $12. I almost wanted to say something but after working in the industry for so long, I hate being “that guy”. Never a good sign when the bartender measures a pour of something of that caliber. If you don’t know how much two ounces is by look/feel/timing especially with a built-in pourer, you need a new line of work. A shame I don’t drink beer.

Their rolls are still amazing. We had fried pickles as well but WAY too salty. If I’m saying that, it’s a problem.

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I call the place Texas Roadkill. Mine is in Palm Coast, Florida

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The rolls really are outstanding. the rest of it is ok. It’s been some years since I went to one in Texas to treat a young cousin who was in college. It was his choice and I was happy he hadn’t chosen a high end place. The staff weren’t at all pushy, very friendly as people usually outside major metro areas.

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I’ll respond to my own post and say, it happened.

Justin and I both were craving their rolls. Debated just getting an order to go but figured we’d grab one drink. Thoroughly dissatisfied with my last experience, I said to myself YES, I WILL ORDER A MARTINI. And make it Bombay Sapphire. Let’s see what happens.

As it happened, this bartender knew what she was doing and it was excellent. Sure enough, a few minutes later, another one went by on a tray. Maybe I was wrong-- can’t judge a book, right?

He had a Shiner Bock.

The rolls, as always, were delicious. Them and a martini, I could probably live off that combo.